Sunday 5 July 2009

Home at last !! edited with photos

This is just a quick blog to say "Ruby" is finally home.

We picked her up Saturday and apart from a few mischievous things (like jumping on the sofa) she has settled in really well.

I am rushed off my feet, what with looking after Ruby,DS and DD, going out to a party :) and spending all day at school rehearsing Grease I seem to have a few hours missing somewhere LOL

I will post more as soon as I can...

... and now I can :)

Here are a couple of photos of Ruby in the garden, and a photo of my gorgeous day lilies.

I finished the beaded work to give to my colleague who is retiring in two weeks. It was his party we went to last night. It was a Spanish themed night as they have a house in Spain and he is planning to spend a lot of time there.

Finally a photo of Michael and his friends on his Presentation Day.


Julie said...

Deep breaths and keep calm LOL
Take care {{hugs}}

Christine said...

Glad you've got Ruby home, she certainly looks as if she's settled in already.

Karan said...

Testing the boundaries by the sounds of it - an intelligent dog. Hope she settles in quickly & you all have lots of fun with her. :0)
Great pics. :0)

Dani - tkdchick said...

Those beaded gifts are just lovely!!!