Saturday, 11 July 2009

News report .......

.... well it feels like it - so much has happened this week.

Firstly I lost another 2.5 pounds at Slimming World making a total of 23.5 pounds :) I am so so pleased. I am not sure I will lose anything this week, in fact I will probably gain it all back as we are out tonight for a Chinese meal and I'm out again Monday for another Chinese meal.

I have a very full week of eating next week and quite a few people are retiring from school and I have three separate meals out. It will be quite a week as there are lots of changes going on with us opening as a National Challenge School. It is all being finalised this week which is a bit strange because if they don't give a final yes heaven knows what will happen to the school. As soon as we have a decision everyone will be a bit calmer.

School was hectic for the kids this week. We had our performance of Grease Wednesday and Thursday night. There were some very quick costume changes but I had laid it all out so all went smoothly. My 30 skirts looked fab under the lights and none fell apart LOL. The kids were amazing, so professional and their voices brought tears to my eyes. There was such a positive buzz around school, everyone was on a high.

A slight hiccup happened Wednesday - I twisted my ankle rushing around backstage sorting my costumes out. I stepped back onto a pop bottle left on the floor ;(. I didn't have time to stop so carried on and didn't notice it really hurt until I got home. Thursday morning it was quite painful. We had sports day (not me LOL) and I had to stand around a lot which did not help. By the evening performance I was limping and by the end it was giving me lots of trouble. Anyway I had yesterday off and rested it and today it twinges but isn't too bad. Hopefully if I strap it for a couple more days it will be fine.

Ruby is settling in ok, quite a few issues but I think we have come up with strategies for them. We have a muzzle which we have to use a few times for various things. We have all had to start learning to shut our bedroom doors and the lounge door if we are upstairs. She has torn one of the sofa cushions but hopefully I can repair it with some spare fabric I have. She has only been here a week and has really learnt our way quite quickly. We don't know what life was like before for her but we know what it will be like - fab fab fab.

Alas I have not picked up a needle all week :( but I have finished the instructions for the JA Mail Art and emailed those out. I was hoping to stitch today but no time has been taken up with ironing and Ruby. We're off to MIL's tomorrow leaving Ruby at home so I might get 1/2 an hours worth in. And I certainly haven't had time to read, my booklist is huge. I have 4 books from school that I need to read over the summer ready for next year.

We are off to the caravan next Friday as it's the end of term. We have not been for 6 weeks and we are all getting withdrawal symptoms. Hopefully Ruby will love it too and I can't wait to show her the beach and sea.

Well I guess that's all from me - I hope you are all stitching away :)


  1. Lucky you, our end of term isn't until the 22nd.
    Hope your ankle is feeling better

  2. Wonderful you are getting Ruby to your ways, we have found with Nell she knows what NO means but just defies us! She has a cheeky little tug at the table cloth on a small table just by our lounge doors when she has been stopped from jumping up on the settee and has decided to leave us and go in the dining room, its so funny, as she turns to see if I have noticed her giving it a tug as she passes!! LOL
    But grrrr with the garden she bounds through the flower beds and digs up plants as well as whipping off the heads of others... I am hoping she will stop eventually.When she totally ignores me she has to have time out in her cage and has learnt that when she is sitting calmly she can come out, then she bounds off into the garden and treads all over the flowers again..LOL

    Enjoy your weekend away, hope the sun is shining for you. I am so relieved that I am no longer teaching and my holidays are every day< grin>
    Chris x
    PS Great news about your weight loss, I am struggling as usual.

  3. Congrats on the weight loss.

    Ouch! hope your ankle is feeling better, litter is so dangerous!

    Enjoy your fun filled week next week.

    Kids finished school on friday here.

  4. WTG on the weight loss - you're doing so well Clare. :0)
    Glad the performances went so well & hope the ankle feels better soon (((((hugs))))).
    Sounds like Ruby is settling down nicely now, am sure she'll love it at the caravan. Hope you manage to get some of that missing "me time" in soon. :0)

  5. Congratulations!!! Great weight loss. Eat wisely on all these outings and you won't go the wrong way. Hope you all have fun on your vacation, I know Ruby will love. Hope she isn't eating any more sofa cushions at this point.

  6. A bit behind on blog reading this week...sounds like you have had a busy one...well done on the weight loss.
    I have given you an award please head over to my blog to claim it.
    Hugs Elisa x


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