Friday 5 February 2010

New Lounge

We have had the lounge redecorated- it was previously beige and goldy coloured widestripes.

It's not finished as we now don't like the carpet with the new paper - I sort of new this would happen and DH has agreed we can have the carpet taken up and used for the stairs and landing as Ruby has wrecked that carpet (and it is the perfect colour match - you can see the hallway through the door).

We are off shopping Sunday to look at two new leather two seater sofas so the green and gold suite is going, and then in a few weeks the new carpet.

You can see the lounge is mainly painted with one wall papered and then the conservatory side has the paper on the arch wall. Once we get the rest of the stuff it will be great - feels odd inbetween - look one way and it's new, look the other and it's old LOL

It is nice to have Ruby back from the kennels - she is so much more settled now.

Now we've put the lounge back together I'm off to do some stitching :) have a good weekend everyone.


  1. Wow your room looks great... you have the same wallpaper as I have in my lounge... I love your creamy gold sofas as they look so comfy...



  2. Your lounge is beautiful! I love that floral pattern.

  3. Love that wallpaper Clare, it would go great with my purple lounge carpet.
    Free stash up for grabs in my giveaway if you would like to enter.

  4. Great wallpaper.

    I ber Ruby was glad to be home and missed you all terribly.


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