Thursday, 18 February 2010

TUSAL, a Finish and the RR

It's been a while since my last blog, no reason other than I've been busy. Time seems to run away in the evenings - most nights I get about 20 minutes stitching done, which explains why my TUSAL isn't growing very fast and I have so many things to stitch still LOL.

Yesterday was Philippa's 16th birthday. We had a lovely day out in Birmingham, her boyfriend had bought her tickets for Traces (a dance show) and we all went to Pizza Express for tea. Tuesday night all the Grandparents came here for a buffet - this is Philippa with her cake, which she made herself.

Whilst in Birmingham DH and I went to the BBC to have a look round and Keith Chegwin passed us on the stairs - and later on we saw Gok Wan in the Bull Ring recording his show.

Like I said before I have only been managing about 20 minutes stitching so my TUSAL jar has not grown much but there are some additions. It's for the TUSAL 2010 SAL organised by Yoyo.

I have finally finished my Fa La La for the Little House Needleworks Ornie SAL - I did change it slightly. The Pear Tree is my next one to start -hopefully it won't take as long.

And finally this is my progress on Tina's Round Robin from the Stitch and Stash RR. I have left all the blended stitching and white stitching until the end but you can see his shape now. Tina's peice is the Calendar Cats by Heritage Stitchcraft.

Well that's all from me for now as I have to go and cook lunch, make Ruby's dinner for tonight (I am picking her up from the kennels at 4 and she'll be ready for her dinner|) and I'm off to Julie's this afternoon for a coffee and a chat.

Thanks for reading my news, happy stitching.


  1. Happy Birthday to Philippa, and I love your finish.

  2. Sounds like Philippa had a lovely birthday Clare. Your ornie is very pretty and that cat is going to be a cutie.

  3. ooooo I love Gok...lucky you :)

    Well done on your Fa-La-La finish...these ornies take an age to stitch they are huge...I am still plugging through Pear Tree and Flake has arrived...argh!!

  4. Fa-la-la is lovely Claire, I am stitching them over 1 too. I have just finished the pear tree and am trying to get some incentive to start the flake. I saw the next one on ABC therapy that is coming ooohhh I like that one.
    OOHHH CAKE- HB Phillipa well done on the cake. Have fun with Julie.
    Hugs Barb

  5. Fa-la-la looks great, i'm not keen on the flake one.
    Nice cake Philly, well done.
    Thanks for coming over today, it was nice to sit and chat for an hour, its still snowing!!! LOL

  6. Love philly's cake - looks like talent runs in your family . Fa La la looks good
    Take care

  7. Happy Birthday to Philly - the cake looks great!
    Lovely finish and the RR looks good too

  8. Sounds like you all had a wonderful time. Congrats on fa La La being finished. I have yet to start mine. Love the calendar cats they are so cute.

  9. Your stitched pieces look great! I am looking forward to seeing the kitty finish (I am a cat person)!

    I remember reading your comment about my Quaker Medallion. If you are interested in a copy of the chart, email me at frggygrl at aol dot com. I will be happy to provide you with a copy of it either by email or snail mail.

  10. Happy Birthday Phillipa! Your cake looks gorgeous!

    Lovely finish on Fa la La Clare and Tina's RR looks really pretty.

  11. Hi Clare,
    Happy birthday to Phillippa I wonder, was her birthday the same day as (Pip) Phillippa in The Archers??? Your stitching is looking lovely I was very tempted by those LHN monthly ornies but I resisted and gave in to other tempting designs
    Well done on your RR I have completed mine so it is ready to post on...
    Fancy seeing Gok that close!


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