Sunday 14 July 2013

Overload of HDs and not all stitching :)

I have one week left at work - sad in many ways but very very happy in lots of others.As soon as I handed my notice in back in January I started stitching small gifts for my colleagues. I finshed them all - over 30 - just in time and gave some out on Friday. I tried to stitch something personal to each person and amazingly some were more than perfect.

This is a photo of all the gifts laid out on my table - and each blog I'll share a few more as all in one will be a photo overload.

All my gifts for work
Adele's - and she does !!
Jo - our Librarian
Gillian, Shirley, Claire & Lisa
Louise - who is moving schools
and teaching languages not literacy
I have a few more to give out tomorrow before sports day :) I loved making and giving these gifts.

The other HD is for our daughter Philly - she is currenty out in Mallorca au pairing for a family for 8 weeks but that isn't the HD.

As well as studying at Uni in South Wales she is a Young Volunteer (Platinum) for Sport Rhondda Cynon Taf which involves working at the council offices, arranging sporting events and training for Gold and Silver volunteers. It was their annual awards night last Wednesday- here's her nominations section:

Young Volunteer of the Year
This award is for an individual that has volunteered their time in school or the community and made a significant contribution to the development of sport in Rhondda Cynon Taf. They may help with the administration, developing a website, taking registers or helping with marketing. Applicants must be Under 25 years of age.
Matthew Jones (Gadlys Rovers F.C. & Hirwaun and Mackworth F.C.)
Phillipa Hearnden (Platinum Ambassador, University of South Wales)
Daniel Reynolds (Gold Ambassador, Aberdare High School)

 .... she won!!! We're so so proud of her - I had a lovely tweet from her lecturer saying 'She is an incredible talent and I am so pleased that she is a USW student' (University of Wales)

Philly & Me - leaving for Gatwick last Sunday
And finally we have a large family living in our garden- well in our bird box but not birds. It fell off the wall and before we could put it back a queen bee moved in and has made a hive - the bees have pushed the bird rubbish out.We don't want to move them as they are not causing any trouble and are good for the garden. In the winter they will die anyway and we'll get rid of the box then. Today it is again very very hot and the clever bees have a perfect way of cooling down  - one of the workers sits at the hive door and buzzes its wings making a draught into the hive - how clever is that !!

Buzzing bee
Thanks for reading all my news - I'll blog again soon with some more gift photos :-)


Lesleyanne said...

Lovely gifts for your work colleagues. Congrats to your daughter.

Christine said...

They look really impressive all together Clare, it's been a marathon project to get them all done but I'm sure your friends will all be thrilled.
Congratulations to Philly

Julie said...

Well done Philly, congrats.
Don't they look wonderful all together, you've put in an awful lot of work to make them something very special.

Maggie said...

Philippa has done amazingly well and i know how proud you are of her.

All your gifts are wonderful and are lovely keep sakes, you have put such a lot of hard work and time into making them, time to make something for yourself do you think :-)

Enjoy your last week at work x

speak soon xx

Bev C said...

Hello Clare,

Just found your blog, your gifts are beautiful, the recipients will love them. Your daughter has done so well, congratulations to her.

Happy days.

Parsley said...

Congrats to her!!

Carol said...

So many gifts for your co-workers!! What a special memory you will leave with each of them...

How wonderful for your daughter--I'm sure you are one very proud mom :)

Sally said...

Congratulations to your daughter.

Hope you are having a lovely last day Clare. You made lots of lovely gifts.

Maxine said...

Wow you have been busy Clare, all those gifts look fantastic. Big congrats to your daughter.