Saturday 27 July 2013

Summer Blog Hop and more gifts

Jo who's blog is Serendipitous Stitching is organising a Summer Post Card Blog Hop. I've received a beautiful postcard from Lynn - Kearnel's Korner 

Pop by and visit both Jo and Lynn - don't forget to leave a comment too.

Lynn's message: 

This design is called Peace Inside by Midsummer Night Designs. I loved this from the first moment I spotted it. Our home is out in a country village and we love to sit and watch the birds each morning. Our door is always open to friends and family and we do love to entertain. Being a cat lover, I was thrilled to see a little cat stitched in the piece as well. I've yet to have this one framed but it sits very nicely on a tabletop easel.

This little piece just seems to embody our home and I'm very proud to display it.

And now for my news - here are a few more of the gifts I stitched for colleagues at work.

Dee - who collects headgehogs and I had no idea
Rav & Kat - two close friends
Nadine & Steve - Mr & Mrs
Annabel - who got married last year
The girls in the Office - reply for student questions
My gift for the Staffroom - it hangs next to the clock !!
I had a great last day at school - no cover lessons which made a lovely change. Allthe students left at lunchtime and all the staff went to the main hall for speeches and presentations, not something I find easy but it went ok. Altogether there were 16 people leaving so the presents took a while. Quite a few people were retiring (like me, but they were slightly older hee hee) and some moving onto pastures new. A few tears all round but it was a great atmosphere and lovely to see everyone to say goodbye.
I was overwhelmed with gifts from individual members of staff; the cleaners had also bought me a gorgeous scarf and Sue had made a beautiful card. here is the mantle full of my cards - I have to keep re-reading as there is too much to take in.
Nick gave me a card too - so sweet of him.
School had had a collection as had the English Department - I couldn't believe how much people had given as my gifts were amazing; Lots of Cath Kidston items as well as a huge french sign, I'm not sure where it will go but it is beautiful.
All my gorgeous gifts
Huge french sign
Straight after school Nick and I caught the train from Nuneaton to London Euston and on to St Pancras as Nick had booked us on the Eurostar for a 3 day trip to Brussels. It was amazing - the whole day was very emotional added to by Eurostar who just finihsed it off perfectly - I have blogged about our travels on my other blog Aimetu's
Thanks for popping by - I should have some more exciting stitching news soon - if you'd like to see all the gifts I stitched for my school colleagues they are in my Flickr Album.


Christine said...

It looks like they must really be going to miss you at work, you got so many wonderful cards and gifts.
I love the postcard too

Chris said...

Such beautiful stitching Clare and some lovely presents for you and the stitching you gave... all wonderful. I know the tears of leaving a school, over the years it becomes like a home. My last school choir sang 'We can't smile without you' Words changed to fit... and I cried buckets!
Have a wonderful time now you're home and make time for youself, it soon gets gobbled up by other things
Love Chris xxx

Lynn said...

I'm so glad that you enjoyed your postcard! Thanks for posting it.

Congrats on your retirement. I love all the gifts which you stitched for your friends.You received some lovely gifts yourself! I hope you enjoy your retirement as much as I'm enjoying mine. Two years already!

Julie said...

Wonderful gifts from school and on many pretty cards.
Lovely postcard in the bloghop

Carol said...

I am just amazed at all those stitched gifts you created for your colleagues--how very special! You were obviously a very beloved co-worker looking at all the goodies they showered you with. Enjoy your retirement--I'm thinking mine will be coming within a few years, too :)

Sally said...

Your stitched gifts are beautiful Clare.

Wow you received lots of lovely gifts from your colleagues. Enjoy your retirement :)

Kate said...

Lovely gifts for your colleagues, lovely that they have been so generous in gifting you too. Love the sound of your Eurostar trip.

SoCal Debbie said...

What a nice Blog Hop piece by Lynn in the home theme! All your stitched gifts to your coworkers are so nice! They will be treasured forever.

gracie said...

very nice ...all very nice.

Brigitte said...

Congratulations on your retirement. Now your days will be filled by things that you want to do whenever you want to do them. Enjoy!