Sunday 4 August 2013

Birthday Gift

Just a quick update before our hols next week. After stitching all the gifts for school I had a very very busy needle working so hard to stitch a very special gift for a great friend.

Julie reached her half century birthday last week and as soon as I saw this sampler I knew I had to stitch it for her - we live about 16 miles away from each other and often pop up or down the road for a visit - hopefully a few more now I've retired.

I used Picture Frame Express - ordering online with their custom frame calculator is really easy and as they are only in Coventry I can collect (usually next day). The only difficulty is colour matching for the mount and frame when looking on the pc.

Friend's House Sampler - Moira Blackburn
I did not stitch all the borders on the chart but had a double mount and a mustard coloured frame.

Many thanks to Julie for the photo - the ones I took did not look very good.


  1. What a wonderful present you have stitched for Julie, I am sure she will be delighted...
    And the frame matches beautifully too, having moved from Coventry I have a framers just round the corner from where we live and also a garden centre that has a framers!
    Chris xx

  2. It's so very special Clare. I know the amount of time you must have spent stitching this for me, thank you so much. Xxx

  3. Such a special gift for dear Julie! I'm sure she will treasure it!

  4. A gorgeous gift for Julie. I am sure she loves it.

  5. That is gorgeous Clare, I'm sure Julie loves it!


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