Sunday 2 February 2014

February starts

February already - my rotation did not go so well for the last week of January but I did catch myself up.

I took a day out to do the Thank You card (previous post) so I missed Wednesday in The Parlour with Miss Barb and the Needlecraft Haven ladies. I did pop by late on Friday to do a little on my Poinsettia House - it was quiet nice to sit and quietly stitch but I'll be back on Wednesday this week to chat with the girls.

Poinsettia House
Yesterday Hubby and I popped to Leakes to have a browse - it had everything for the home, we came home with some great ideas. A new towel rail for the downstairs loo was our only purchase - fitted and looking good.

Yesterday afternoon was pure pleasure - RUGBY - the start of the Six Nations. The first match was Wales v Italy from Cardiff Millennium Stadium (Wales won) and the second match was France v England from Stade de France Paris. France were in the lead but the boys pulled it back to win by a small margin. Brilliant afternoon of sport and stitching, although I didn't get much stitching done as I was engrossed with watching the rugby boys.

Here's my progress on my UFO - Julie and Mr Stick will be pleased. I finished the top corner, the centres of the trellis and started the bottom corner. I'll be doing a little more this evening too so it should grow a bit more.

Angel Blessings
 I have my Valentine exchange parcel to put together tonight ready for posting tomorrow. My rotation should be back on track from tomorrow which means I'll be stitching on the Spring Exchange for Needlecraft Haven.

Thanks for reading my news - good luck to everyone doing Stitch from Stash with Mel


  1. Hello Clare,

    Up dating your home sounds like a lot of fun. Good luck with your stitching projects, love the Angel one, is it very big?

    Happy days.

  2. Thanks Bev - Angels is 107 stitches high and 177 stitches wide, I've no idea what I'll do with it, it's a chart from a magazine and was my RR in 2012.

  3. Your UFO is progressing really well Clare, well done.


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