Sunday, 9 February 2014

Rotation update

This year as well as joining Stitch From Stash I am also stitching on a rotation along with my friends at Needlecraft Haven. It is certainly helping me stitch more - January was full of finishes and I made good progress on long term projects.

Here's my rotation with an update for each day:

Monday is exchange or gift stitching - this week I started my  NH spring exchange piece. We do chat a little eon the forum about fabric, threads and finishing fabrics but we don't show charts, finishes or say who we're stitching for. Here are the threads for my piece

threads for my spring exchange
Tuesday is catching up on my The Drawn Thread calendar pieces - they are for the mantle each month but last year I stopped at May so I'm trying to catch up. I have early finished July, just the border to go. I did change it slightly as there should be an American flag for Independence Day.

The Drawn Thread - July
Wednesday is one of my favourite stitching days as Barb hosts The Parlour at Needlecraft Haven where we stitch any design from Little House Needleworks, Country Cottage Needleworks or The Sampler Girl.

If you're a regular visitor you'll know I'm doing Santa's Village as a table cloth - a very long term project. I made quite good progress this week on my Poinsettia House, it's stitched over 1 so takes me a little longer.

Poinsettia House
Thursday is again exchange or gift stitching and Friday is time to work on my Round Robin. This week I did my Round Robin on Thursday as we had friends over for dinner on Friday.

There are 5 of us doing the NH Welcome Round Robin - Dusty, Gillie, Lynn, Urszula and myself. I am working on Urszula's at the moment, the start of the roof is my work so far.

Urszula's Round Robin
We had a lovely meal with our friends - we haven't seen them for quite a few years. After two cancelled dates we finally got together, lots of catching up :)

I made baked camembert starter, chicken in tarragon sauce for main and poached pears with chocolate sauce for dessert.

Baked camembert
Poached pears with chocolate sauce

The weekend is for UFO stitching with Julie and Mr Stick. I'm working on Angel Blessing but this week end I'll have to skip as we're off to Cardiff with Nick's Mum and partner to visit Philly for her birthday. I'm taking some stitching with me though - July to do the border :)

I am hoping for another successful rotation week this week - it is certainly a way for me to keep up with all my projects and I'm not rushing to finish for deadlines. In fact I have already stitched and finished this months Challenge set on NH by Christine - but I can't share that just yet.

Please add your comments about rotationing, its always good to read what others think - thank you for calling by at Aimetu's Stitching


  1. Nice post Clare. I have tried rotation in the past but I found it too constrictive (is that the right word??). It all depends on what mood I am in and how much I want to get a project finished. x

  2. You are so organized Clare, I stitch willy nilly most of the time jumping from one thing to another. Everything looks great. I have your RR finished and will post it out shortly, my Spring Exchange is almost finished. And my scissor fob will go in the mail tomorrow . So I guess I am getting there. Oh I do go on. Great blog.

  3. Great post Clare. Your stitching looks great. Your Camembert looks yummy .

  4. Like you I do UFO at the weekend, parlour on Wednesday, I'm now doing a SAL with Gillie Tuesdays. The rest of the week it errands how I feel what I stitch or knit.
    Your food looks lovely. Happy birthday to Philly.

  5. Like you I do UFO at the weekend, parlour on Wednesday, I'm now doing a SAL with Gillie Tuesdays. The rest of the week it depends how I feel what I stitch or knit.
    Your food looks lovely. Happy birthday to Philly.

  6. You're so organized! How nice to have the monthly challenge finished already. The tablecloth will be amazing. The poached pears look yummy!

  7. Rotation seems to be working well for you Clare - I'm not sure I would be able to stick to it.
    Lovely stitching update and you menu for Friday sounds delicious.

  8. Lovely post Claire. Your stitching looks great as does the food.

  9. Love your Valentine gifts, very pretty. Well done keeping to your rotation, I joined OPAM and intend to have my wips all finished this year, altho my Chatelaine is pushed to the bottom of my basket.. I might do a little on it!!
    Happy Days
    Chris x


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