Tuesday 17 June 2014

Finished in time ... just

I had an idea a while back to make a travel wallet for when Hubby and I travel by train. We have a large plastic folder for our holidays by car as there are so many documents to take (ferry, hotels, gite, insurance, breakdown) but by train there is just travel and hotel information.

We are off to London on Friday for a couple of nights and then Paris for a few more. It is a special holiday as its or 25th Wedding Anniversary next Tuesday and we will be in Paris to celebrate ( a bonus of me leaving work as I would not have been able to have to actual day off)

Anyway I have finished my travel wallet today - I had the idea from my friend Mary who stitched me a project case for an exchange one autumn. She kindly sent me the instructions which helped although my wallet is slightly different. I did a bit at a time over three days as I have been quite worried if it would work. Today I have finished it and I love it :)

Front of my travel wallet
Back of wallet
Inside of my wallet with our Eurostar documents
tucked safely inside.
We are very excited about going away - me more than Hubby I think - and just after we're back we're having a small get together for family and a few friends. Unfortunately just 8 months after our wedding we lost Hubby's Dad to pancreatic cancer - he was just 55.

To mark our anniversary we're fundraising for Pancreatic Cancer in his memory - and help our future generations - our just giving page is https://www.justgiving.com/NickClareHearnden25th/

There's a few old photos on there too :) I still have my dress, flowers and veil. They will be out at the party with our album - I'm sure we'll all have a chuckle at the 1980's fashions :)

I haven't done any shareable stitching but I have been creative. Over the last few months I have begun wine making again and now have a demijohn of dandelion wine steadily clearing and rhubarb wine still bubbling away.

Rhubarb wine & Dandelion wine

Yesterday I collected a bucket full of elderflowers - some to make cordial and some to make wine. The cordial is done; I've made a large bottle for us, a smaller one for my Mum and frozen the rest.

The wine is now fermenting in a bucket until we return from France but here are the flowers in the saucepan with lemons. The kitchen smelt wonderful.

Elderflowers in the pot
That's about all my news for now - pre warning of a large blog when we're back with maybe a few photos haha

Thanks for calling by - happy blogging to you all


KimM said...

What a wonderful wallet!! So unique - I can hardly wait for your voluminous blog post when you return :)

DUSTY said...

I love the wallet Clare!! It came out great. You are so talented !! Stitch, sew, make wine, are you hiding any other secret talents ?? Hee hee have a wonderful trip !!

Christine said...

The wallet is fabulous Clare

Maggie said...

Oh la La! Love the travel wallet, what a great idea!

Hope the wine turns out ok.

Have a lovely time, i shall look forward to seeing all your photos when you come back :-)


Kate said...

Fantastic idea and it looks great. Have a wonderful time on your travels.