Sunday, 1 June 2014

June - an exciting month

But before I post about June I must just add a little from May - we had an amazing time in Wales both at the caravan and with Philippa as she carried the Queen's Baton last Sunday.
 I have add a separate page with lots of photos on Aimetu's
and our local paper ran a piece too
On our way to the caravan Nick and I visited Powis Castle - something we can't do when we have Ruby with us but everytime we pass we say we'd like to visit. It's was a glorious day and the castle was just stunning.
Main entrance through the courtyard
Looking over the gardens
Views of the surrounding countryside
Side view of castle as
it's perched on its rock
Beautiful wisteria
King in residence
We did discover that you can take dogs in the grounds and in the courtyard so this may well become our refreshment stop on our travels, especially if it's a nice day as Ruby could have a lovely walk in the grounds which saves a job later.

We had a lovely few days at the caravan - it does make a difference going alone as we can stay out longer and visit more places. This time we went to Porthmadog so Hubby could visit the Purple Moose Brewery and of course buy a few 'samples'.
Tywyn beach looking towards Aberystwyth

Tywyn beach looking west

Ffestinog Railway coming into Porthmadog
Porthmadog harbour
As you can see we had a lovely time - and June is full of more adventures. Next weekend we're back at the caravan with DH's Mum and partner (and Ruby) for a long weekend and then on the 20th Hubby and I are off to London followed by 4 days in Paris for our wedding anniversary - a special one this time - 25 years :)
My Mum and stepdad are also away in June so they popped round this afternoon to give us a pressie - they have already bought us a camellia 'Silver Anniversary' - today they have given us a beautiful set of place holders, a Portmerion salt & pepper set and Mum made a lace insert for a silver plate.
Pressies from Mum & Keith
We are having a small party in July but have requested donations not gifts in memory of Hubby's Dad who sadly passed away of pancreatic cancer just 8 months after our wedding
I do have a little stitching to share - but not much as most of my stitching lately is for exchanges. However I have finished my June piece for the mantle, the stitching on my travel project and started a new little project for me.
June - The Drawn Thread
Travel Project - ready to make up
New project for me
I guess that's all from me for now - I'll be blogging after our weekend away and maybe again before our special holiday. Thank you for calling by - I hope you've enjoyed reading all my news, I certainly enjoyed making it :) 


  1. Hello Clare,

    Such a lovely post. Thanks for sharing photo's of Powis Castle as this is the place that the wormwood I have growing is named after. That is a wonderful photo of Philippa and the baton, certainly one to treasure.
    Enjoy your Wedding Anniversary, sounds very exciting.

    Happy days.

  2. Congratulations to Philly, and Happy anniversary to you.
    Lovely stitching, and great pics of Powys castle

  3. Congratulations to Philly - happy anniversary - and what wonderful pictures!! Thank you for sharing.

  4. Gosh the resemblance to you is striking! Great pics Clare.

  5. ooo I've been on the Festiniog .. many years ago and to Porthmadog too.
    Lovely pic of Philly.
    What a stunning pressie from, mum the place holders are really lovely and the mat... wow that's some wonderful crafting...well done mum.
    Have a super weekend away. x


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