Friday, 11 July 2014

Returning to rotation

Finally I am back on track with my rotation - various reasons including holidays and parties but I am stitching to my rotation plan:

I finished a little gift for our son in his new flat, I wanted to stitch something but nothing girlie - I found this online and it's perfect He gave quite a chuckle when he opened it.

New home gift for our son
Monday I finished Gillie's Round Robin - part of the Welcome RR with Needlecraft Haven. I've posted it off and have received Dusty's which is the final RR for me to stitch on.

Gillie's RR - Jardin Prive design

Tuesday I did a very small bit on my September Drawn Thread as I had hurt my ankle and felt a little out of sorts. It's all ok now but I just didn't feel like doing much.

Wednesday was stitching night in the Parlour on Needlecraft Haven and I started a new house on my CCN Santa's Village table cloth - North Pole Post Office. It's stitched over one so doesn't look much but this little bit took all evening.

North Pole Post Office
Yesterday and this morning I have worked on a gift for some very good friends - I'll share it once it's done.

I just managed to finish the June Monthly Christmas Challenge in time for the reveal - the design for June was Coroncina Noel" by Luli

I used the background fabric for the backing

Today I have been sorting out the wine for the next round of tasting in the Scout 100 Challenge - it's Europe this time but not France as that has a tasting of it's own in September.

Last Friday was our 25th Anniversary party, we've had some lovely cards, thank you everyone. I bought some lovely ribbon yesterday that has silver hearts on and says 'All my love' which I've used to bundle them up - we still have the family ones out. We had a super evening meeting friends and family, some of whom we had not seen for over 15 years.

My dress - we borrowed a friends
dressmakers dummy to put it on
Back detail - I designed the dress
and had it made professionally
Close up of the neck, my veil and my necklace which
Nick bought me (with matching earrings)

Our friend Niki made a replica of
our wedding cake
My original bouquet of silk flowers

Replicating a wedding
day pose 25 years later.
Our Just Giving page is over £500 - thank you so much to all our friends. We can't believe we have doubled our target, it's a lovely amount to give to Pancreatic Cancer UK. You can read our story here

Thank you for popping by to read my latest news - fingers crossed my rotation will be on track next week too.


  1. I really like your Christmas stitching. I love that you had such a special anniversary even down to the replica wedding cake, how fun. x

  2. Your stitching is so pretty!! And your wedding dress - STUNNING!!! Congratulations!

  3. A nice varied selection of stitching. Looks and sounds as if you had a brilliant 25th anniversary party

  4. Lovely stitching Clare. I think I missed seeing the design Christine had in store for this month.

    Sounds like you a wonderful 25th anniversary celebration.

  5. Super pics of your 25th W/ann celebration. What a lovely cake your friend made.


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