Sunday, 15 February 2015

Gifted Gorgeousness

It's February 15th which means it's the second check in of 2015 for Jo's Gifted Gorgeousness. I can at last share some of my stitched gifts from January. A very good friend from work is getting married on Wednesday, her and her partner had a civil ceremony in 2008 but now, thanks to a change in UK law, they are actually getting married.

I saw this Lizzie Kate sampler and though it perfect, and but using LK lettering I added the date of their civil ceremony and their names. I gave it them this afternoon and they loved it. I was so pleased.

Lizzie Kate design
Back in November at Needlecraft Haven meet up we set up an exchange where we made a bookmark for our partner (chosen at random and kept secret). I always feel that an exchange item is a gift so here is the bookmark I gifted to Kate.
Free online chart 
Thanks Jo for organising this mid month challenge - it's great fun and nice to share gifted work. In saying that I'd like ot share two gifts I received, my bookmark from Julie and yesterday my stitched Valentine's card for the Needlecraft Haven Sweet Feet exchange.

My bookmark from Julie
My Valentines card 
Thank you for calling by to see my latest gifts - there's a few more still in hiding but all will be revealed next check in :)


  1. Oh so lovely, all these gifts. A real Gifted Gorgeousness :)

  2. Love the sampler for your friend and the Valentine's exchange your received :-)

    Have a good week xx

  3. A post full of lovely gifts. A lovely stitched valentine you received.

  4. hahaha! I just can't stop smiling over that first one. ;)

  5. What a great wedding sampler for your friends.
    Great bookmarks and socks too

  6. Thanks for taking part in GG this month. I love the sampler, each one can think that she is the wife in the right!
    Lovely to see other gifts you have received as well as exchanged too.

  7. I love that first piece, you were so clever adding the names and date, it looks as if it was charted that way! Perfect saying for two wives. Gorgeous gifts given and received, I love the macaroon bookmark!

  8. Love the LK sampler. I bet your friends really got a kick out of it :)

  9. What a great wedding sampler - love it.


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