Friday, 13 February 2015

Quilts and 'the frog'

It's nearly Valentine's Day, we've a short break and a special birthday in our family so my next posts will be a little longer and will have many photos, but this one is a quickie.

Many bloggers have been asking about my Mum's quilts. Two were chosen to be in a Canadian exhibition representing the UK. She was very nervous about them being posted but they arrived and have arrived back in safety. This is the link to the exhibition

These are my Mum's two quilts

Mum makes many quilts, mainly hand stitched, large and small. We have many at our caravan and at home. She is involved in Project Linus which makes quilts for those in need, injured soldiers in hospital, young children. The quilts given go home with the patients - great form of comfort.

My stitching this week has been to finish off my secret projects as priority although I have kept to my rotation doing my UFO on Sunday and my Santa's Village tablecloth on Wednesday. This is my progress on my UFo which is now November by The Drawn Thread.

Doesn't it look amazing!! I had stitched the first chair and table when I realised I had the fabric the wrong way round so had to frog everything :( but it's all clean and ready to go for a new start.

Finally here's a little video of our son Michael - he's the Bar Manager at Saints Bar in our town. His speciality is cocktail making with the flare tricks and bar tricks. I love this one - enjoy

Thanks for calling by - have a great weekend and Valentine's Day x x


  1. Clare your mums quilts are beautiful!

    Sorry you had a visit from the dreaded frog, hopefully he has hopped off now :-)

    Have a great weekend

  2. Your Mum's quilts are just beautiful Clare! Great progress on your UFO! Lol

  3. Those quilts are stunning!
    Neat find the lady trick with the cocktail shakers.

  4. Wow! Your mother has quite the talent. And your son of another kind. ;)

  5. The quilts are lovely. I really like the monthly one, it's very subtle but once you spot the theme it's very clever.

    I don't quilt but do enjoy seeing them.

  6. Your Mum's quilts are stunning Clare.

    Oh no sorry to hear you had to frog.

    Great trick!

  7. Wow, your mom's quilts are so, so beautiful, Clare! Really impressive--thank you for sharing them with us :)

  8. Clare, your Mother's quilts are gorgeous !! I am sure she is quit pleased to have them exhibited. Tell her I said hello ! To bad about the frog, send him back to the swamp never to return ! LOL Love Michael's bar trick !! Go Michael !! Take care !

  9. Absolutely stunning, your mom's quilts. I wish I could make such wonderful quilts. Sorry for the frog visit. But once the frogging part is undone the motivation to stitch it again is even bigger.

  10. Mums quilts are amazing, how wonderful to exhibit them overseas.
    A fun trick, well done Michael.

  11. Hello Clare,

    Oh my goodness the floral detail in your dear Mum's quilts is divine. Your Son made me smile with his tricks.

    Happy days.


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