Saturday 29 August 2015

Stitch from Stash August

It's the second report for Stitch from Stash - Part B of Mel's great SAL. I love it as it does make me look at all the threads and fabric (and charts) I have before just buying more, especially good as I no longer work so our income is solely from Hubby's toils.

My budget start for August is :£40.00

Month: August
Spent: £0.00
Earned: £0.00 

My budget at the end of August is: £65.00

I don't actually have much to share as I have not been stitching so much - or blogging - I have been pre-occupied with another task which I will be able to share soon but is linked to my big birthday next month.

I have stitched our Meet Up Exchange for Needlecraft Haven. This is an exchange we set up at each meet up - we all fill in various details on a postcard including our address and then randomly pick a card. The meet up was on 30th May here in Nuneaton and Opening Day for our exchange is Monday. This time we had to stitch an ornament for our partner based on something we found out about them at the meet up - these days are always great fun and extended with stitching the exchange. We meet again on 14th November.

But I have been working on The Herb Garden by The Drawn Thread - this is a retirement git for a very good friend. It's growing nicely but will be taking up most of my stitching time so I get it finished - I don't think my rotation will be happening for quite a few weeks.

Herb Garden 
So that's all my stitching news but I have been busy in the kitchen. Last night we went to another wine tasting with our scout leader friends. It was a 'bring your own' night this time including food so I made a Bailey's Cheesecake but unfortunately the side slipped - it still tasted really good.

Bailey's Cheesecake
Some friends are here for dinner tonight and I will be making a tarte tatin for pudding, I also made a Lemon and Pistachio Cake. This was a recipe Simon Rimmer baked on Sunday Brunch last week. I'm quite pleased with my bake !
Lemon and Pistachio Cake
I have also had a go at making Skittles Vodka - it's quite simple. Just separate the Skittles into colours - add to vodka and shake every day until dissolved. There's quite a lot of white goo left so you need to strain the vodka well. We'll be trying it tonight after dinner.

Skittles Vodka
Thanks for calling by and reading my stitchy and non-stitchy news :)


  1. The herb garden is looking lovely Clare. I'm intrigued by the skittles vodka, you'll have to let us know how it tatsed

  2. Love how The Herb Garden is looking Clare. Very pretty.

  3. What a gorgeous Herb Garden. Your cakes always make me smile! :D

  4. Well done on the challenge.
    The Herb Garden looks so good - and so do your cakes :)

  5. Herb Garden looks super. xx

  6. The Herb Garden is so sweet! Looks lovely - so does the cake!!!

  7. Loving the cakes!!! Skittles vodka.... ummm! Can't wait to hear what it tasted like! :o)
    Hugs xx

  8. Well done on your sfs budget
    Love your herb garden looks very fragile
    Enjoy your wonderful free time at home
    I am a staying home mum and i love it :)
    Wish you many happy stitching and backing hours

  9. The herb garden is progressing nicely. I love seeing all the baking you do.


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