Monday, 14 September 2015

Gifts Galore

Last Thursday was my 50th birthday and I have been overwhelmed with the cards and gifts I have received. Over 50 cards altogether, some on the day and others last night when we had a small party for friends and family.

But before I chat more about my lovely family and friends I must just share my Gifted Gorgeousness news for this month. I have been working hard on my friend's retirement gift, Herb Garden by The Drawn Thread. She is retiring at the start of October and we're out for a meal on October 1st so I need it finished and framed by then.

The Herb Garden 
Although birthday gifts these are also eligible for GG as they are examples beautiful crafting. First a beautiful knitted chef made for me by Julie, she is so clever with her knitting needles.

Christine is equally as clever with her sewing machine and made this gorgeous basket. It's been used already :-)

Dusty loves to do hardanger and has made this great needlecase, it fits perfectly in my travel sewing box.

Two of my friends have stitched me birthday cards, I was so touched as cross stitch is a hobby time permitting as they both have busy jobs.

Julie also stitched me a picture for my birthday - so cute and means a little more as she stitched it whilst on holiday in our caravan in Wales.

Talking of Wales my darling daughter completely surprised me (and made me cry) with a Welsh rugby shirt - signed by all the team !! She had also contacted friends and family asking for happy 50th selfies and put them all in an album.

My lovely son took me out for breakfast at Carluccio's followed by a visit to the Pandora shop where he bought me a new charm.

My amazing hubby really surprised me with a beautiful ring and a trip to Prague - we leave tomorrow, returning Friday. I was so surprised, life has been a bit of a whirlwind the last few days.

Last night was an amazing party - thank you to everyone for such beautiful cards and gifts. Thanks too for all getting up and joining in with The Birdie Song - so funny!!

All of us together before the party started.
I had a little surprise of my own for everyone - only my hubby knew before. I have always wanted to do the London Marathon but because of my MS it's impossible, I have tried so many times to train and build up but after a few days my fatigue sets in and I'm unwell for a few weeks and back to the beginning.

I decided that at 50 I should be able to do it - but my way - so we're going to London one Saturday when I feel good and following the route from the start we'll do about 3 miles. This will be with pub stops along the way for refreshments.

When I've had enough we'll come home and then a few weeks later when I'm OK we'll return to where we left and walk the next 3 miles. Like this we will keep visiting London until we have completed the whole route, I have no idea how many trips we'll make or how long it will take us. Amazingly Virgin Trains have offered to give both of us free travel to and from London for each trip - I still can't believe it.

I have set up a separate blog about my Challenge and not being one to miss an opportunity I have also set up a fundraising page to help four charities:

and my fundraising page is: 

My final photos are another craft - my best friend makes cakes and for my actual birthday made this beautiful little cake. For my party my Hubby had asked Niki to make a cake themed on my favourite champagne - it was just stunning !!

Thank you for reading all my news - see you when we return from Prague


  1. Lovely gifts Clare, and the cake is fabulous!
    I'm so glad you like the basket, it's made from a vintage tea towel.
    Good luck with your London Marathon Challenge

    1. Thanks Christine, I was so surprised by the cake

  2. Have a wonderful time away.
    What a stunning cake, very talented lady.
    Lovely pic of the family together.
    A wonderful gift from Philly.
    Good luck with your personal challenge, hope you raise lots.

    1. Thanks Julie - whatever it raises is a bonus as completing it will be amazing to me.

  3. Clare! This is all so wonderful! Wow! You were surely showered with love. Have an amazing trip. And this London Marathon Challenge is just a super idea.

  4. The little cake picture hasn't posted, you are most welcome for both xx :-)

  5. Hopefully it shows up now :-) just realised it matches Ju!he's knitted one :-)

  6. Lovely gifts and cakes, Clare. I will be following your London Marathon blog with interest.

  7. Happy Birthday! What a wonderful, and generous, group of friends and family you have.

    Herb Garden is beautiful. I am sure that your friend will cherish it.

  8. Happy belated birthday wishes to you, Clare. And all these lovely and thoughtful gifts show how much you are appreciated by your friends. Enjoy!

  9. Herb Garden is coming along beautifully. You got some lovely gifts for your birthday - I hope you collected happy memories as well.

  10. Joyeux Anniversaire ! Lot of wishes, Herb Garden looks lovely and this champagne cake is (was) so funny. xxx

  11. Happy belated birthday! Gorgeous gifts you received. Herb Garden looks wonderful. And what exciting news about your London Marathon!

  12. Happy Birthday again! Thanks for taking part in GG this month. You really do have a wonderful selection of truly Gorgeous Gifts to share with us.
    The party sounds great and the cakes are amazing!
    And what a terrific idea to do the marathon one chunk at a time.
    I really must get my thinking cap on for my big birthday next year!

  13. What lovely stitching, I'm sure your friend will love her retirement gift!! And what a kind and thoughtful family you have!! What wonderful gifts and surprises! I like your idea for running the London marathon...sounds like my speed! I hope you enjoy your trip to Prague and Happy Birthday!!!


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