Saturday 17 October 2015

Gifted Gorgeousness October

The lovely Jo hosts this SAL, it's nice to stitch for others and to receive gifts. This SAL is a great way each month to remember those little things that were gifted and gave pleasure both ways - I love being part of Gifted Gorgeousness which in itself is Jo's gift to us 😘

I have one big stitching gift to show this month and lots of non-stitching gifts (some quite tenuous but made me feel good) Firstly, as you know last month was my birthday and one of Hubby's gifts was a trip to Prague - a beautiful city. You can read about it in my travel blog Aimetu's but here's a photo just to give you an idea of how lovely it was.

View from our breakfast table
Just after we returned my very good friend retired, the four of us go out together quite often and now my lovely Hubby is the only one working still. My Herb Garden was for her retirement gift as she loves cooking and grows many of her own herbs. I was very pleased with it's mount and frame - Frame Express do a great job (I do the mounting)

The Herb Garden - Drawn Thread 
That's all my stitching news, with birthday and holiday there hasn't been much time, my other gift news is just nice things that have happened. Driving back from MIL's we were so lucky to have the Vulcan fly over on one of it's last flights. We managed to pull over in time to take a photo.

Vulan's flight
I have been overwhelmed by the donation gifts already made for Clare's Challenge 50 - I have now completed the first three miles. We were amazed at how much there was to see in relatively a short distance, there's lots of photos in my blog.

And finally I am actually in Turkey writing this - we enjoyed our end of year break so much last year we are here again, and will be booking for next year too - so how is it a gift? Our room maid everyday leaves the towels on the bed but not just folded ....

Towel swans 
 And just so you can see where I am as I write this here's the view from our bed, top (5th) floor room with a fantastic view, nature's own gift.

View from our room 
Thanks for calling by, sorry Jo for being a little late 😮


  1. Thanks for taking part in GG this month, especially when you are on holiday!

    The Herb Garden looks lovely, it would have been very difficult to get an off the peg frame for that one!

    And thank you for the idea of GG being a gift, in the unlikely event I don't have any one month, I can use that as an excuse!

  2. The Herb Garden is a gorgeous gift!
    Enjoy your time away!

  3. Herb Garden looks wonderful framed up Clare. Hope you are enjoying your holiday

  4. Your Herb Garden gift is gorgeous!
    I will have to pop over to your travel blog and see the photos of Prague - would love to go there one day...
    Enjoy Turkey! I love the towel swans (how cute!)
    hugs xx
    PS: I haven't forgotten the Joy ornament ... hoping to get it done by the end of the month and then in the email to you :o)

  5. Herb Garden is a gorgeous gift for your colleague's retirement. And your holidays are a gorgeous gift for you :)

  6. Herb Garden turned out so well, the perfect frame.
    Nice view from your balcony window and those swans are so lovely.

  7. Very nice finish of Herb Garden and the frame is great! xxx


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