Monday, 28 September 2015

Stitch from Stash September

I can start this month's report with a finish - whoo hoo - but before that here's my monthly budget update. I really enjoy doing SFS15 with Mel - it's a great way to use up fabric, threads and charts and of course save a few pennies.
My budget start for September is :£65.00

Month: September
Spent: £10.67
Earned: £16.00 

My budget at the end of August is: £95.33

My spend was on restocking a few DMC threads and a few items for my Goody Bag ready for the Needlecraft Haven Meet Up in November.

I have finished The Herb Garden by Drawn Thread - I claimed for purchasing the chart in SFS15-Part A but have used fabric and threads from my stash. It is for a gift for a friend's retirement so I have not claimed the frame costs. I pick the frame up today so I will have to share the completed photo later. I earned £16.00 on this finish.

Herb Garden 
I have started a new project but as it's also a gift I can't share just yet, but it is all using my stash. Talking of gifts I have a new chart to add to my stash thanks to Barb who gave me this lovely LHN chart for my birthday a few weeks ago. I had so many lovely gifts - have a look in my previous post.

Birthday Gift from Barb 
I hope everyone has had another successful month with a zero or limited spend - happy stitching and stash using for October.


  1. Well done on your SFS Clare. I will be the one with "must try harder" written on my report lol! Although I have kept in budget!

    Lovely gift from Barb.

    Your Drawn Thread finish is beautiful.

  2. Well done - I'm afraid this past month would have been a miserable failure for me if I were on a budget. Oh well. I'm still having fun ;0)

  3. Well done on your Stitch from Stash. The Drawn Thread finish is just gorgeous

  4. Great result for SFS and your Drawn Thread finish is beautiful!

  5. Successful SFS month. And such a wonderful finish. Herb Garden has so many lovely details and the bank in the center looks so very inviting.

  6. Herb Garden is so lovely, I love all the differing stitches in it. A super gift.
    Nice chart from Barb.... a parlour stitch?? lol
    {hugs} x

  7. Great progress, staying on track! I could probably stitch from stash for years, and save a bundle!! Hugs!


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