Friday 2 December 2016

Christmas Advent

Yesterday was December the 1st so it's Advent time. Our traditional German lights were duly fetched from the attic and placed in the kitchen window - plugged in and ..... nothing !! We've had them since moving in here in 1986 so I guess it's time to replace them haha.

I only have a small bit of stitching news .... unfortunately Needlecraft Haven is not available at the moment. The forum is hosted by Yuku and they are have major maintenance so the site has been difficult to access for nearly a week. I do hope it gets sorted soon - it does sound as if the improvements will be good so fingers crossed.

That being said we've just had our Christmas Secret Exchange - I stitched and sent my ornament and received a lovely on in return. Without being able to check on the forum I am uncertain as to opening day - oops !

I think it was 1st and I did open my parcel but I am not going to share any photos until I know for sure, especially as it's a secret exchange so we don't know yet who sent to who.

Anyway here's a few photos I can share - a bit of baking

Mini Christmas Puddings (covered in chocolate)
Spotted Dick (Dad's recipe)
Left over Spotted Dick fried with oranges
and marmalade for breakfast

It's the time of year too when I put up my tree at church for our Christmas Tree Festival. This year I am using previous ornaments and doing Family Tree. I'm taking my Dad's cousin to see all the trees tomorrow and will be taking more photos but here's a little view of what's there.

My very sparkly Family Tree
Maureen always does amazing knitted ornaments
this year one of her trees is the Queen's 90th with
all the family in knitted version 
William, Kate, George and Charlotte
Her other tree is Noah's Ark
 I'll be taking my camera up too as the trees are too bright for my phone to focus, it is always such an amazing feeling to be in the church with everyone's trees brightly decorated.

My final photo is a bit of fun - I have made Hubby's advent myself this year. It is part of his Christmas pressie but over the last few weeks I've been buying bottles of craft beer. I made 24 labels and wrapped each one: he was very surprised and pleased with his beer-a-day advent!

Beer-a-day Advent for my lovely Hubby
I hope everyone's December has started well and your Christmas preparations are not too stressful. I'll be posting again soon with those exchanges pieces - thanks for calling by :)


  1. Hello Clare! I really enjoyed Maureen's knitted Royals! I especially like your Beer-a-day Advent for your husband. ;)

  2. I hope hubby enjoyed his advent, will be he drinking one a day?
    I've managed to get into the forum this evening and post a pic of my lovely ornament, the reveal is up, mine was from Tina. I hope you soon can get in to find out who yours was from, hope it was good one for you. xx

  3. Well that beats a chocolate advent any day!
    I've been able to get into the forum all along, I don't know why, but yes, all ornaments are safely delivered and the reveal is up

  4. I love your beer-a-day advent idea - might pinch that for my hubby next year as he's the only one who doesn't have an advent calendar this year!
    Those trees are stunning, your family tree idea is perfect and Barbara's knitted royals are so cute! A lot of work has gone into those trees I'm sure.

  5. Your food photos are making me hungry, Clare :)
    Love the Christmas trees you have shown. I like this idea from your church. I haven't seen it anywhere else.

  6. Love the beer-a-day, I might have to steal that idea too for next year. Now where can I hide 24 bottles of beer that he won't find them?
    The mini puddings look so delicious too. I could eat one of those a day!

  7. ps can you believe it's a year since we did the Joy tree?

  8. These mini puddings look so delicious, and so does Spotted Dick.
    Very special to see the Royal family hanging in the tree as ornaments. Such a great idea.


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