Sunday, 4 December 2016

Christmas Exchange

Now Yuku has updated itself Needlecraft Haven is back up and running. I love hosting this forum, all the members are such lovely people with amazing talents. It's quite a relief that is it all ok as it's a very busy place in December.

The Christmas theme is up and I've managed to organise the new forums for all our Christmas fun. Needlecraft Haven will be 6 years old on December 31st - the plans for 2017 are already taking place, it's a joy to host, thanks to all the NH members.

Not all the happenings on Needlecraft Haven are organised by myself - our Christmas Ornament Exchange was arranged by Christine - thank you

I did have a little smile when my email arrived with my partner's details - Gill - I seem to be stitching most of my exchanges for Gill, I hope she likes my stitching haha.

This is the ornament I stitched for her - it's a design by Sue Hillis from an old copy of Just Cross Stitch Christmas Ornament magazine.

My Exchange parcel for Gill
Gill's ornament 
My exchange parcel was from Julie - a lovely card, bar of Cadbury's winter chocolate and a double sided ornament. It's lovely Julie, thank you.

My Exchange parcel from Julie
'Love' side or my ornament 
'Friends' side of my ornament 
Needlecraft Haven is open to all crafters - just mention you read about it on my blog when you apply for membership. It's free to join Yuku and to have NH membership - click here to join in the fun !


  1. Lovely exchange gifts, Clare.
    It's great that the forum is working again. I missed it when it was down.

  2. Both the ornaments are gorgeous. I do love this exchange

  3. Such sweet ornaments you two made.

  4. Nice one you made for Gill in the exchange. I'm pleased you liked mine for you.

  5. Those are both lovely ornaments Clare, what a great exchange! Thank you for all you do in running Needlecraft Haven, it is fun but I'm sure it's hard work too. It was missed last week!

  6. Great ornies! I love the penguin card too. Was it made by one of her children? My son's school do the Christmas Cards made by the pupils to raise money for the school. Our's have hand-prints made into snowmen this year.

  7. The ornament you made was perfect for stitching and I love the floss showing! You received a great parcel too, I love that it has two sides.

  8. These ornaments are really great, a very successful exchange it seems.


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