Thursday 23 February 2017


It's nearly the end of February, a 'lovely' month but with the change brings new things. Today I had a parcel arrive !

Today's arrival from Postie
I have to keep it safe as it's my Meet Up Exchange from Needlecraft Haven's last get together in November - you can read about our day HERE.

We always arrange an exchange at the meet up, this time it was to stitch a needlecase for our partner (who is secret as we chose sealed envelopes). Mine has been sent so hopefully my partner has received her's too. Opening Day is 1st March so not long to wait.

I have been Happy Dancing too as I have completed my final Round In Circles piece. I think I know what I will be doing with them but I need a little free time to plan it properly - they also need a wash each as some have crease lines in and having been over a year since some were stitched I'd like to freshen them up. I did change this one slightly as I couldn't get the charted centre to sit properly.

December - Round in Circles
I have also stitched another design for my church tree. I am really liking the blue background for these winter scenes. I have found my next two charts as well when I was looking for something else, one's a small tree scene and the other a snowman. This one (and the others) is from Just Cross Stitch Christmas Ornaments magazines 2009.

Comfort and Joy - Gentle Pursuit Designs
We have storm Doris here in the UK - the wind is certainly strong here in the Midlands and I know it has hit most of the country. I hope everyone stays safe.


  1. Ooh exciting crafty post. Love the circles. December is a really pretty one. We've had to pick the bin up a couple of times and saw the neighbours trampoline lift off the ground a couple of times.

  2. Beautiful stitching Clare. We survived Doris without any damage thankfully. Hope you are OK too.

  3. I have a parcel just like yours!
    Lovely new ornament design.

  4. Oh I love that Hardanger piece Clare

  5. I'm curious to see what you received, Clare.

  6. The hardanger is lovely, I'm looking forward to seeing how you finish the set.


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