Wednesday 15 February 2017

Valentine's Day

Valentine's is a special day for Hubby and me as we got engaged on February 14th 1986. We always send each other cards and although we say no presents my lovely Hubby always surprises me - this year is no exception.

But before I share our Valentine's Day it was also exchange opening day for the Valentine's Exchange on Needlecraft Haven. This year it was a non-stitching exchange, we had to buy our partner a pair of pink or red socks with hearts or flowers design, a card and two skeins of thread to match the socks.

I used my orts jar to pick the partner details - it's always a fun thing to do when organising an exchange. I put everyone's name on apiece of paper and also on my list - starting at the top of my list I picked a paper and whoever's name was on was that persons partner.

Needlecraft Haven members taking part in
our Valentine's Exchange
Folded in my orts jar ready to be picked
 My partner was Mary and I bought a lovely pair of socks with love birds on and pink hearts. Unfortunately I knocked a cup of coffee over and of course it went over the socks; so they became mine and I bought Mary another pair. I was going to buy the same again but spotted a lovely pair covered in roses.

There was no requirement to stitch anything but I did stitch Mary a card, just a simple one and included a few choccies as 2017 has been a tough start.

My Valentine's gifts for Mary 
My parcel arrived in time for Receiving Day - we've started doing this, it's about a week before Opening Day and hopefully ensures everyone has their parcel. I knew who my partner was as I had organised the names but it is always exciting to open a parcel.

Inside was a lovely wooden card from Julie - I had not seen one of these before, they are very effective. The socks are beautiful but had me rolling around in laughter - they are the love bird socks I spilled coffee on - just perfect, thank you Julie.

My Valentine's gift from Julie 
I haven't baked anything for Hubby this year as I went to M&S and bought one of their £20 meal deals - starter, main, side, dessert, wine and chocolate !!

We always have a bottle of our favourite champagne on Valentine's Day so I also bought some nibbles to go with it. The table is laid so now Hubby is home we can sit down, enjoy the bubbly, enjoy our cards and Valentine's decorations I always put out and later on enjoy our M&S meal.

Our side board with our Valentine's cards 
Valentine's Mantle
Table's ready 
M & S meal deal
Nicolas Feuillatte our favourite champagne
And finally we'll be having coffee and the M& S chocolate hearts - coffee served in the tiny espresso cups we bought in Athens on our Honeymoon and the chocolates are served on the beautiful lace plate my Mum made us for our 25th Wedding Anniversary.

The metallic couple is actually a wine holder I bought Hubby for our 25th Anniversary - yesterday he surprised me with a new edition - it's just perfect, I'm a very lucky lady.

I hope everyone had a very happy Valentine's Day x x x  


  1. What a 'love'ly post.
    You nearly got the flowered socks!

  2. What a wonderful, unique idea for the exchange! I love it! Super socks!
    And you are a lucky lady indeed! ♥

  3. A lovely post! Such fun gifts!
    Love your gifts for Mary, such pretty socks!
    How weird that you got the same socks as the ones that had the coffee wash! Tee hee! I guess the sweet little birds were destined to live with you!
    Looks like you had a super Valentine's Day!
    Barbara x

  4. Great exchange packages Clare. How funny that they were the same socks!

  5. I love my exchange gift from you, Clare. The one you received from Julie was great too.
    That looks a lovely Valentine meal you bought for yourself and your DH.

  6. Looks like you had a perfect Valentine's Day! Your decorations are beautiful.

    Thank you for organising such a fabulous exchange!

  7. What a fun exchange, you both received great gifts!
    I love your metallic pieces, they look wonderful together!

  8. The sock exchange looks like great fun! Great minds do indeed think alike and choose the same socks too.
    Your special meal looks wonderful and I love your metal couple too.


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