Tuesday 1 May 2018

May Day

Happy May Day everyone - it's a french tradition to give Lily of the Valley flowers today but mine are only just sprouting so I will not have a bunch in the house this May Day. All our garden seems to be a few weeks late, this is my Lily of the Valley in 2014.

The garden is the reason I have not been stitching so much, plus the fact I am working on a couple of gifts so cannot share. We've had our deck replaced and new slabs on the patio. Over the last few weeks DH and I have been cleaning the slate in our borders, repotting some of our larger plants, painting fences and generally tidying up. We still have quite a bit to do but it's looking good so far.

Our old deck being taken out
Our new deck, new slabs and
cleaned slate
Our potted plants and new bird feeder
Today he put up my new bird feeder, we used to have a tree here from which we hung feeders. Since it's been down we hung the feeders the other side of the garden - the birds were very confused again today when they moved back on the new hanger.

Last week DH and I joined some friends for a week in Burnham-on-Sea - you can read about our holiday on my travel blog Aimetu's. One of our days out was to Wells Cathedral and Glastonbury Tor, the tapestry coat of arms panels and cushions in the Cathedral were stunning. My ankle is improving; I have a strong support when walking and wore my hiking boots for walking any distance which really helped. So much so I made it to the top of the Tor on a very very windy day. There's photos in my other blog, but I thought I'd show the beautiful needlework here too.

Stunning work 
I hope the sun stays with us and we can finally see some flowers appearing - I hope your gardens are coming to life too.


Justine said...

Your garden looks lovely Clare, glad to hear you had a nice week away.

Vickie said...

What a beautiful improvement you have done to your garden. :D

Christine said...

I love your new decking area Clare, very smart and stylish

Clare-Aimetu said...

Your new decking and bird feeding areas look lovely!
Sounds like you had a super week away. It’s always nice to see some stitching when visiting places.
Glad to hear your foot is so much better! I had a foot injury about 20 years ago and still find I’m best wearing my walking boots if walking for any distance. Take it easy, it’s still early days yet!
Barbara xx

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

The new garden looks lovely! I have planted a few pots myself.
Glad to hear that you are able to enjoy walking again too.