Sunday 12 April 2020

Happy Easter

Happy Easter to you all, I hope you have been able to call or video call your loved ones to spread Easter blessings.

It's a very different time here as there is no visit from our daughter, no big family dinner (just the three of us), no sharing of chocolate eggs (just one each which we added to our online shopping delivery) and no exchange parcel to open from Needlecraft Haven.

We have all stitched our ornaments but due to restrictions we are unable to post out our parcels.... so we are having a virtual exchange. We have all posted a photo on Needlecraft Haven of the ornament we have stitched but have not said who it is for. When life returns to how it used to be we'll be posting our exchange parcels ... it will be a great surprise to discover which one of the ornaments arrives.

I chose a Jardin Prive design for my ornament, as soon as I saw it I knew it was just what I was looking for. I found some lovely lace edging in my stash and although it took ages to stitch on I love the effect it gives.

As we cannot post our ornaments or receive the one stitched for us we have all agreed we can display them over the Easter weekend and then wrap them up awaiting postal time.

Each year I put up a branch from my Grandmother's twisted hazelnut tree. It was transplanted to our house when we moved here in 1985 on the understanding that we took good care of it. My grandparents have long since passed away but for many years the tree stood proud in out front garden ....

... however the tree grew too big, and as our family grew up so did the need for additional parking and the tree was removed. It was a very sad day, I couldn't watch but I did keep a branch which, as I said, is used every year for my Easter display.

My other ornaments are out on display too, mainly received from previous exchanges. Our neighbour surprised us the other day with a beautiful bunch of daffodils to cheer me up; the larger bunch of flowers is from my lovely Hubby.

Our daughter and boyfriend made us a cork ring ornament for Christmas. We love it, such a lovely idea with our family name in. I have removed the Christmas ribbons (safely tucked away for this year) and added some Easter decorations. I'll be changing the additional bits for different occasions, it's nice to have it hanging more than just for Christmas.

It's a difficult time for us all just now, we have to make the most of what we have. I am not to ho anywhere, even for exercise, so I have been strolling in our garden. As you can see in this photo taken from our bedroom window it isn't very big ...

... but with a little imagination it turns into the grand estate of Maison Hearnden. Take a stroll with me at Aimetu's to read about my latest travels.

Wishing you all a happy Easter 


  1. Happy Easter Clare!! Love your Jardin Prive finish...the ribbon edging is so pretty. Love that you get your exercise walking in your grand estate garden!! Love your positive attitude!

  2. Happy Blessed Easter Clare!

  3. Happy Easter Clare :-) Love all your Easter stitched pieces on display.
    Enjoyed the walk around your 'estate' too :-)
    Take care xx

  4. Happy Easter! I love your exchange piece and also your other Easter pieces.

  5. You did such a wonderful job on your little bunny couple--the edging is just perfect. I'm glad you managed to have an enjoyable Easter in spite of not being with family. Take care now and I hope the weather is nice so you can stroll your garden grounds each day :)

  6. A nice ornament and the edge does look pretty.
    Take care x

  7. Very pretty Easter display. Your stitched pieces look very pretty. Very cool cork wreath you have there.

  8. Lovely Easter display. I love your new ornament too. Beautiful!

  9. Your Ornament is lovely. I am sure the recipient is will having it in display next Easter.
    The twisty twig is a great way to display ornaments too.
    At least you have a nice garden to potter around in, it does make a difference to get out in the fresh air.
    We had an egg hunt in our garden.

  10. Gorgeous ornament Clare. I planted a contorted hazel in my garden a few years back but it must have gone back to the root-stock because it's just a plain old not-contorted hazel! Still a nice tree though

  11. A lovely exchange piece, I wonder who the lucky recipient will be.
    I love how you kept a branch from the tree, and use it for your display every year.
    I wonder how long it took them to collect the corks... it looks great!


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