Saturday 25 April 2020

Smalls SAL - April

This is my first month of joining in Mary's great blog sharing idea - it's all about small stitching, any little project you have stitched, it doesn't have to be fully finished (that's Rachel's blog sharing on the 10th of every month).

Here's the full details about Small SAL 2020 - thank you Mary.

This month I have stitched two more Lizzie Kate Flip It's that Justine gave me. Apologies Justine I forgot to include them in GG this month. They are looking great, I might move the right hand designs to the left a little when I stitch the next ones. They will all be finished I individually and I just think the right margin looks a bit narrow. I have yet to decide how to finish them; with not being able to go out I haven't got the curtain yet so I'm focusing on getting them all stitched.

Lizzie Kate March
Lizzie Kate April
All four so far

As you saw in my Gifted Gorgeousness April  post I have received some flowers for my church tree. Life for us all was very different when I posted Could you help me make a bouquet? I'm so grateful to everyone offering to stitch a flower, the tree this year will be quite poignant for us all.

I have stitched two more flower heads. I like these designs, there are two more in the set and I might then restitch them in different colours. I have DMC's colour chart so I should be able to sort out three or four colours in the same dye set.

Looking at my Lizzie Kate months and my flowers I'll be doing a lot of finishing later in the year ... with us having to stay at home I might make a start on some sooner.


I have some news to share but first I want to say a HUGE thank you for all the kind messages and cards you have sent me, they have been such a help.

I also want to thank everyone who donated to our Dry January - it raised over £1600 for Cancer Research and my hospital's Breast Care Unit.

It has been a long, bumpy, twisty, scary and at times very dark road that I know others have travelled but sincerely hope no-one else does. I know I am not yet at the end of the road but my Breast Care Doctor rang yesterday with the results of my lumpectomy operation at the start of this month.

They got it all 😍😍😍 it's gone !

I have to talk with my Oncologist on Monday as there will be some more treatment so the road is still long but not so bumpy and a little straighter with the sun shining.

I am starting to feel like myself again, I still have no hair (I did try my wig yesterday but it irritates too much, it might be ok once my hair begins to grow) and I'm still quite tired but my daily walk in the garden is certainly helping.

Yesterday from our garden, with Hubby and our grown up son (hiding from the camera), we had a video link up with our daughter and her partner in Cardiff - pink champagne for everyone - it was so so nice, a moment we have all been hoping for 😍

Family Celebration 


  1. That is fabulous news to hear. Such a relief for you and your family.
    I love the two recent flowers, clematis is one of my favourites.

  2. Oh the LK Flip Its are so precious! The flowers are so very pretty! I am so happy for you that the cancer is gone, gone, gone! Now to finish up your treatments!!

  3. Oh that is such happy news, my dear - I am so thrilled for you. You must be so relieved. Lovely flowers and Flip Its, too.

  4. Great news,Clare. I know what a relief that is for you and your family. Lovely stitching - love those flowers.

  5. I'm so happy to hear you received such good news, what a relief!! Lovely flowers for your tree and those LK's are such fun stitches. Take care.

  6. Oh Clare that's fantastic news! I'm so happy for you. xx

  7. Well you certainly had a lot to celebrate! Congrats on it being all gone, I know you and your family must be so relieved. I love those LK pieces and of course the flowers are fabulous. Again congrats!

  8. Wohoo! So happy to read that fantastic news.

  9. That's such fantastic news! I'm very happy for you x

  10. I am so glad you are doing ok. You will be in my thoughts. I am glad you joined Mary's SAL and your finishes are very cute.

  11. Lovely flip-its and flowers.
    A lovely family picture
    {{huge hugs}}

  12. Great news from your doctor Clare.
    The flip-its are a nice size to work on.

  13. Your flip-its look great, every time I see them I want to stitch them!
    More beautiful flowers, I know I'm behind on getting mine done but I know what I want to look for.
    I love how you celebrated your wonderful news with the family, such a blessing. Cheers to your continued health!


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