Monday 31 January 2022

Temperature SAL and January round up

What a busy month, I have been amazed at how much stitching I have done. 17 items stitched and just five not finished, one of which I hope to finish today. The other four will not be fully finished until the end of the year because they are the weeks of my Temperature SAL.

I'm using Jardin Prive's design but only the flower. As you know I try not to stitch anything that does not have a purpose and much as I loved the JP design I did not want to stitch a full design to be framed. I do need some more cake bands as I only really have the snowmen for our Christmas cake and one other that is a bit too small to use. 

So I'm doing two bands: winter will be January - March and October - December, my summer band will be April - September. I'm stitching every Sunday for the previous week - my days sit so they follow on continuously, an idea Jardin Prive suggested. Here's how it works: 

   Sun   Mon              Sun   Mon

Sat   Tue   Fri         Sat   Tue   Fri

   Wed  Thu               Wed  Thu

These are the DMC co.ours I'm using for each temperature:

Below -9 = white
-8 to -4 = 3747
-3 to 1 = 794
2 to 6 = 3807
7 to 11 = 3835
12 to 16 = 326
17 to 21 = 3833
22 to 26 = 722
27 to 31 = 725 
Above 32 = 3823

I decided to offset my temperature blocks as when I did it before it seemed to always fall in the same block, they are still 5 degrees and it's probably psychological. If we have any snow I will add a bit of silver to that petal. 

This year my blog posts will mainly be for featured ideas, I like being organised and after such disruption in many ways over recent times it's nice to be back on track. Here's my blogging plans: 

Topsy Turvy SAL (1st) 

Finished Objects (10th) hosted by Rachel

Gifted Gorgeousness (15th) hosted by Jo

Topsy Turvy SAL reveal (20th)

Smalls SAL (last Friday of the month) hosted by Mary

Monthly roundup (last day of the month)

After many years of struggling with my previous sewing machine I decided to buy a new one. Another Janome but as I only do basic stitching I bought a reasonably priced one. I bought it online from Hobbycraft as it was cheaper than instore and came with a free box of goodies. I've used it on three projects already and love it.

Being a lower model it did not come with a hard case as my previous on did, although I will say that wasn't dust proof haha. I noticed John Lewis had a sale on and in it was a few of their machine bags ... it would have been very silly not to wouldn't it! 

My new bag holds my machine, it's instruction book and my freebie box of extras. This model is also without a storage box for my extra feet and other machine bits so of course I went box hunting in my stash and have found one the perfect size. This too fits in my new bag, it will be upcycled with a stitched top but more about that in a future post.

All in all it's been a very productive and stitchy enjoyable month, hopefully February and the other ten months will be just as good! 


Mary - Lecoeurceltique said...

Your temperature SAL cake band is looking good Clare. The colours look quite different to mine.
It's good that you are happy with your new sewing machine. It will encourage you to use it regularly, (I'm happy with mine but it hasn't made me more productive at all) Ha! Ha!

diamondc said...

Clare: Congratulations on the new machine, nice bag to carry it in.
Sometimes when I go hunting in my stash, I am amazed at what I find.
Cute temperature band.
January has flown by it seems like it was just Christmas.


Clare-Aimetu said...

Oops, slipping fingers again. Here's Maggie's comment:

I hope you are enjoying playing with your new machine? I bought a new one last year as my old one was on it's way out, It's nice to have a new plaything isn't it :-)
You certainly have had a very productive month, hope February is as good for you.

Rachel said...

January sales are great fun, and you've done really well! When I last looked at sewing machines I was amazed by how complicated (and expensive) most of them were. I sometimes wish I still had my mum's old hand-controlled Singer!
Good luck with your posting schedule; sometimes it's good to have routine in our lives. :)

Cathy said...

Enjoy your new sewing machine! 17 projects in one month--WOW!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

You have got off to a great start this year! The new sewing machine is very nice and the bag is perfect too.

FlashinScissors said...

It’s nice you found a machine you are happy with. After the last couple of weird years I’ve forgotten how to use my new one and it’s looking very lonely! 😂🤣😂 well done with all your projects!
Your cake band is looking great.
Barbara xx

Astrids dragon said...

Sweet temp flowers so far. Every year I think about doing it, but can't decide which one to choose.
Nice sewing machine and bag, I'm sure you'll keep it busy!