Tuesday 20 September 2022

TTSAL Halloween 2022


Today is the opening day for the second Halloween album in Topsy Turvy SAL on Facebook - in fact it is the 2021 album extended so all the Halloween photos are together.

As well as joining the TT SAL on Facebook, you can post about your stitching on your own blog or join in with the members of Needlecraft Haven.

This design was a quick stitch, the ribbon is recycled from a bag of mini Welsh cakes we were given at a Wedding Fair we went to with our daughter and fiancé.

I'm loving the Topsy Turvy SAL, my ornament box is getting so full I'll need another one soon.


  1. Hi Clare: I do not do any social media but blogland and Pinterest, was hacked on facebook.
    Nice design, makes me smile.


  2. That’s a very sweet ornament. I’m having problems commenting on blogs unless the comment box is a “pop-up” type. Hence being anonymous!
    Serendipitous Jo


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