Friday 11 November 2022

Fully Finished Objects in November


Rachel, Ten Hour Stitcher, hosts Fully Finished Objects, a super chance for us to show and tell about the crafty items we have completely finished.

This month I have a few finishes. Although one is not a fully finished object I am happy dancing. 

Firstly I can now include my Halloween ornament that I stitched Mary for the Needlecraft Haven Halloween Exchange. It's another from Durene Jones, her designs are lovely. 

I also stitched one of her designs for a little Halloween ornament I sent to our daughter, of course the parcel included a few treats too. 

I also finished two lovely letters sent by Melanie for the Alphabet Tree, thank you Mel.

My next FFO is a little heart for October's Topsy Turvy SAL with the theme Valentine's. It's a chart from an old magazine but I didn't save the details of which one. I stitched it on plastic canvas. 

I'm enjoying the Topsy Turvy SAL as it doesn't take up all my stitching time and is a change to stitching all the current themed items. It's spring this month, and December, so it will be nice to stitch something spring themed amist all the Christmas preparations.

I have also stitched and finished my ornament for the Needlecraft Haven Christmas Exchange but I can't share just yet.

I can however share my Temperature SAL summer cake and finish. These flowers show the temperatures for April through to the end of September. I have recorded the highest and lowest temperature each day for the location we are in. It's lovely to look back and remember where we were especially on the bright yellow hot days. 

To finish it I have backed it using backing parchment. I used pva glue for just sticking the paper to the edges, this makes it wipeable so easy to keep clean after being round a cake. I'm looking forward to using it, I best get on and stitch the winter one. 

I have also been upcycling some Christmas cards. Using cards we've previously received I have added some gold or silver detail and made new cards to give this year. I enjoy doing it and I do love a bit of recycling. Here's a few I made. 

My final finish is not fully but I am so so pleased to have finally finished the buttonhole edgings on my tablecloth. I don't pick it up very often so it's a slow go and the marking out took as long as the stitching. Now I can focus on the kloster blocks before deciding which holes to cut. This piece was a Round Robin quite a few years ago that I didn't make up so it will be nice to get it finished. 


  1. Hi Clare: Sweet ornaments the penguin is so cute.
    I like upcycled cards, we have a craft day at Church and use old card fronts.
    Nice tabletop cover.


  2. Lovely work on your Ornaments this month.
    The cake band looks fabulous too.
    Great idea for reusing the cards from last year. I always buy the ones my son makes at school as they raise money for the PTA.

  3. So many cute ornaments! I love that you made your temp chart to decorate your cakes, with another one to make for winter.
    Lovely upcycled cards. I've kept our given cards with thoughts of doing something with them, but they just seem to be piling up!
    Your tablecloth looks great even if it's not fully finished!


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