Sunday, 4 January 2009

Hardanger Bookmark

This is my first finish of 2009, I'm really pleased with how it's turned out. It is one of my designs.

Fabric - 22ct hardanger in white
Thread - DMC perle 5# in white & DMC 3348 stranded cotton
Backing - Forest Green felt

The local newspaper has done a two page spread on the Christmas Tree Festival at church. The stitched ornament tree was a main photo feature, I've scanned the paper photo in for you to see the wording.

Back to school and work tomorrow - for everyone else returning "have a good day".


  1. Your boook mark is stunning well done, something I still have to try to do myself.

    Great about the christmas tree in the newspaper, well done you for organising it.

    Happy and Blessed New Year

    Love Chris x

  2. Beautiful bookmark Clare, and how lovely to see your tree in the local paper

  3. Wonderful pic in the local paper.

    Love the bookmark, well done you on designing such a beautiful thing.

  4. love the bookmark and the tree looks wonderful.Well done you

  5. Your bookmark is so pretty Clare.

    How lovely to see your tree in the local paper:)

  6. Thank you for the comment on the colour of the floss for my BP SAL, I realise of course a softer colour would be best...

    Chris x

  7. Congrats on the tree hitting the newspaper hun.

    What a gorgeous bookmark, I am gonna have to get back into hardanger this yr at somepoint.

    Hugs xxxx

  8. Sounds like you had a great time over the festive season. Lovely stocking for DS & the bookmark is so pretty. :0)
    Nice write up in the paper too.
    Best wishes for a Happy & Prosperous 2009 for you & yours Clare. :0)


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