Wednesday, 28 January 2009


I know Christmas is a long way off but I have made a start for this year's tree at church. I am still doing a cross stitch tree with this year's theme being everything and anything to do with being a "girl". The title of the tree will be "Miss-tree" (you need to say it out loud to get the pun).

I have just finished my first ornament - which will also be my ornament for the JA Christmas Ornie SAL. This is my first box finish and I think it has turned out ok.

Last night was JA UFO night and I managed to do the next flower on my Perennial Garden. This one is iris which was my grandmother's favourite flower and her middle name.

I had a bit of a strange day at work today. This afternoon I went back to college to a meeting with the bosses I used to work for. Not to see about going back there to work but for school and some new qualifications. It felt a little weird to be back in the old rooms and on a different level this time with the people around the table. I know one thing - I don't miss my old job or working at college, but it will be nice to work with them on this project.

Happy stitching everyone.


  1. Love the ornie for the Miss-tree, very girly pink.
    My grans favourite were iris too, well done on completing another flower.

  2. Clare,
    Is your email address current/correct? I tried to send
    you an email and it was returned
    as 'nondelieverable'. I would like
    the details about ornaments for your church tree. I would like to
    stitch one.
    thanks, Denise

  3. I love the pink ornament, lovely finish. The flowers are very pretty.

  4. Great start to the Miss-Tree - very pretty & girly. Lovely flowers too, it will be a gorgeous piece when finished. :0)

  5. Yep, definitely girly! I have a little idea in mind for mine, but I'll have to experiment.
    The irises are pretty t6oo

  6. Denise - I cannot reply on your blog as your profile is not enabled. I did reply to your other message on my blog with my email address but here it is again in case you missed it.

    It's usually the spellings that cause trouble, hope it works for you this time.

  7. Ooh I love your first ornament Clare.

    The DT is looking so pretty.


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