Monday 22 June 2009



We went over to see her again twice this weekend. Saturday we had to meet with the behaviourist and she quickly got used to us again. We're sure the only reason she was so nervous before was because she was waiting to go back home - bless her.

We were with her about an hour and gave her a new toy which she promptly "killed". She was soon coming to us without the bribe of a treat. We had a while with her on our own and she was very good, she knows sit and down and does respond well when you correct her. She is only 1 so plenty of time to learn stuff.

Sunday when we went back she recognised us straight away and we had quite a while with her on our own. We have decided to call her Ruby-rose, and she did begin to turn when we called "Ruby".

She finally comes home Tuesday 30th, which will be quite an exciting day because.......

DS has completed his college course - we are so relieved and pleased that he stuck it out after such a horrid experience. Tuesday 30th is his certificate day so DH is going with him to college for the presentation. On the way home they will go to get Ruby. I'm not sure how I'll manage to work that day.

I don't have much more news this week - here's the main highlights:
  • DD completed a week working in the PE department at my school for her work experience, they thought she was brilliant and would offer her a job anytime.

  • I have finished making the skirts for the Grease production - 17 spotty ones and 12 plain. I have also cut out all the neckerchiefs, found some very cheap sheets to use for the angels and hopefully borrowed some boiler suits for the mechanics scene.

  • We had a lovely meal out with Dad for Father's Day - he seems much better since starting on insulin for his diabetes.

It's our 20th Wedding Anniversary on Wednesday so DH and I are off to Devon for the weekend. Our fist holiday was at the Torrs Hotel in Lynmouth. We stayed there again for the second part of our honeymoon (same room) and we're going again for our 20th (same room too). We're really looking forward to going back - even the journey in the Friday traffic seems like an adventure LOL.

Quite a few people have signed up for the JA Mail Art Exchange and the JA Hardanger Tutorial SAL. It will be fun to do these. As soon as everyone has bought their charts I will be able to update the charity donation total on Aimetu's Stitchery.

I missed the JA UFO Night last week and I think I'll be missing again this as I have some gifts that need finishing urgently. It's actually getting quite busy towards the end of the school year as we have so many people retiring or leaving - I will be out nearly every night for a week the last week of term - blow the diet LOL

Enjoy Wimbledon and the summer weather, happy stitching.


Ginnie said...

Ruby looks lovely, hope all goes well on the 30th.
Your holiday sounds nice, I have visited Lynmouth once and really liked it, hope you have a good time.
My daughter's are on Works Experience over the next 2 weeks, they are really looking forward to it.

Julie said...

Awww Ruby looks adorable.
Happy Anniv for tomorrow, enjoy your weekend away.
Well done DS and DD - thats fab news.
No UFO ... errrr Mr Stick will be over to sort you out....only joking LOL - dont work too hard.

Elisa said...

Lots of wonderful news...and Ruby is lovely...I am sure she will be very happy with you all.
Happy Anniversary and enjoy your "dirty weekend"

Diana said...

Ruby looks like a wonderful dog! Enjoy her when she comes home with you...

P.S. Don't forget to send me all the details for the mail-art exchange... LOL

Christine said...

Ruby looks like a lovely dog. Congratulations to DS on completing his course

Chris said...

Hi Clare,

Ruby looks as though she is going to be a Star, such lovely brown eyes.. what a lovely pet she'll be..and enjoy that weekend away.. its a beautiful place, the air, the walks, the food and just each other.. sounds bliss

Chris x

Dawn T. said...

Ruby is adorable!!

Happy Anniversary! My hubby and I are celebrating ours Wednesday, too.:)

Karan said...

Hope all goes well when you collect Ruby & that she soon setlles in. Congratulations to your DS - so pleased for him. Well done DD too. Glad your Dad is doing OK. :0)