Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Stitching news and much more...

Firstly I am the organiser for a Mail Art exchange - I did a few of these some years ago and they are great fun. You actually stitch an envelope and post it (not in a paper envelope but as it is) - details are at JA Mail Art Exchange...

and secondly I have set up a Hardanger Tuition to stitch one of my bookmarks. The stitching day in Wales was very popular and lots of people have asked about learning this style of stitching so this is a chance to learn together with online support - details are at JA Hardanger Tuition.

Miss-Tree has been enhanced with three fabulous ornaments from Karan, they are all stunning, thanks Karan you're a star.

I have finished two more ornaments for Miss-Tree as part of the JA Monthly Christmas Ornie SAL , one is a vase I adapted from a larger chart and the dress is again from a larger chart.

I have been working on my UFO St George but not much this week, and I have been setting up my kits for the JA Christmas 2009 SAL - we're stitching Loupylou designs, Christmas Tidings and Christmas Wishes. This SAL is being organised by Ursh.

Sunday was my mum's 70th and we had a great day - my step brothers and their other halves came - we haven't seen them for ages (one brother for over 7 years). We all (11 of us) went out for a fabulous lunch. I ignored the diet which is why I put on 1.5 pounds this week but we had a fab day:)

After the meal we went back to mum's and surprised her with a birthday cake.

We bought mum a watch and we'd had some family portraits taken which she absolutely loved. We don't look too bad smartened up do we? I guess some of you will be surprised at how Philippa and Michael have changed. The photo's are faded looking because there was reflection on the glass (blame this glorious sunny weather LOL)

We are back in Wales at the weekend for MIL's birthday so we're hoping the weather stays good. I am feeling a little better in myself - I am just concentrating on me, my family and my friends and trying to keep smiling through all the rubbish going on around me. It is easy to get caught up in worries and panics and politics that when looked at properly are not really our problem - I'm trying to just take on board what directly involves me - does that sound selfish or sensible?

I hope you are all enjoying this glorious sunshine - happy stitching.


  1. some lovely ornaments for the tree. Sounds like it was a nice day all round for your moms birthday.

  2. Lovely finished projects... glad your mum had a lovely birthday especially with the lovely weather... hope you have a lovely weekend in wales this weekend too.

    The family portraits are great too...

    Take care and big hugs


  3. Hi Clare,,

    Its nice to read that you are concentrating on just you and keeping smiling!!
    What a fabulous day it was for your Mum, so lovely to have family get togethers and yours had the sun too... and I loved the family photos... enjoy Wales this weekend and hope the sun keeps shining for you, inside you and out!
    Love Chris x

  4. Lovely ornaments! Glad your Mum had such a good birthday

  5. Sounds very sensible to me Clare. You can deal with the other stuff much more when you feel better in yourself - to do that you need time for yourself first. :0)
    Glad you like the ornies. Love yours - am so looking forward to seeing the tree pics again this year.
    Your Mum does NOT look 70! Nice cake & lovely family pics. :0)

  6. Lovely pics of you all, glad you all had a fun family time at the meal.

    Fab ornies for the tree, i will get round to doing a couple before December LOL

    Have a great weekend, its raining here!


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