Sunday 14 June 2009

Sunny Sunday

This weekend has been quiet but good, a lovely sunny weekend spent with DH, DS and DD. Yesterday DH and I did loads in the garden, planting up the pots and cleaning the patio. We did take a break and popped to the local garden centre to get a few more plants and enjoy a cuppa :)

I have done some more of the JA Christmas 2009 SAL - Christmas Wishes is now done and Christmas Tidings just needs the edging doing.

I have started stitching/beading two gifts for a colleague at school who is retiring this summer. They are two wine labels and I'm going to get a good bottle of red and white to give with them.

I haven't done any other stitching but have cut out another 12 skirts for school and quite a few neckerchiefs. I'm hoping to pin them tonight and machine them tomorrow.

DD is coming to school with me tomorrow for the week as she is doing her first week's work experience in our PE Department. She is really looking forward to it.

Today we all went out and on the way stopped at Hatton Locks. There are 21 locks in all - quite a sight. The first photo looked down the flight and the second looked up.

It looked hard work opening and closing the lock gates.

At the side of one set of gates was a beautiful sculpture of a dragonfly, it was funded by the lottery and looked stunning in the sunshine.

The final picture is DD and me by the locks and some huge swans just sitting on the path preening, they had such big feet LOL.

Our big news is we are having another dog :) we lost our Black Jack (BJ) two summers ago and finally feel it's right to have another dog. We went to The Dog's Trust today with the view of seeing a male puppy and it being ready to come home just before the school hols so I can be at home with it all the time.

However we have chosen a one year old female collie cross. She is short haired, chocolate and white and at the moment is called Saffy. She has been with a family already but they couldn't keep her - nothing wrong with her just their lifestyle. At the moment she is very very nervous and shy but I guess suddenly being brought from your home and left in a kennels makes anyone feel lost.

We spent a good 20 minutes with her and by the time we left her tail had started to curl upwards instead of being down between her legs and it actually wagged a little. We are going back to see her next weekend and will hopefully have her by the end of the month. I took this photo with my phone - she looks quite happy with DS and DD.
I am feeling a little brighter this week, and not so tired. I am hoping that by the summer I will be back to my cheerful self - be able to let a lot of stuff go and just be me.

Thanks for reading my blog - have fun.


  1. SAL's look great, still need to start mine LOL

    Hatton looks great, a bit like Foxton Locks near here.

    Your new addition looks lovely, i'm sure she'll settle in real well with you all.

    Have a good week, hope all goes well DD in the PE Dept.

  2. Lovely stitching on the SALs.
    Good luck with Saffy, she looks like a nice friendly dog

  3. Hi Clare,

    Beautiful stitching and looks like you had a good weekend.. we went to Hatton on saturday and had a look around the farm shop and all the other little shops.. Seeing the designer clothes all reduced has spurred me on in my dieting and I have said to DH next October I am buying my clothes in 2 sizes smaller from here! Then we went to the cafe and I had a piece of blueberry cheese cake! Probably a 100 sins but it was yummy!
    Hope you're having a good week at work and that dog looks such a love.. I am sure she will suit you and your family she looked so happy with your children.
    Chris x

  4. Both your SAL pieces are so pretty.

    Saffy looks lovely. She'll soon settle in I am sure.

  5. They both look lovely Clare (haven't started CW yet!). Great pics & looks like you had a lovely time too. (BTW, I can tell you've lost weight in the pic. WTG!). Hope all goes well & the new addition settles in quickly. Looks like she's already a fan of your DS. :0)
    You will get there Clare (((((((((hugs))))))))).

  6. Great wip pics! Congrats on your terrific weight loss. x

  7. Great Wips and another 6 lbs? Don't over do it petal, you'll fade away!

  8. both your sal's are looking lovely Clare

    Saffy is gorgeous, I'm so glad you have found each other, I'm sure she'll be settled in with you all in no time

    glad you're feeling better, I've had a good weekend healthwise, but I think I over did it, back to being really tired today


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