Thursday 6 April 2017

Cake, flowers and a small bit of stitching

Every year I take part in the MS Society Cake Break fundraising event. You can host a cake bake anywhere, previously I've done this at school on a teacher training day but this year it was 'open house' at ours from 10am until late.

I baked five cakes for enjoying with tea or coffee on the day and an extra cake for the raffle prize. in previous years the MS Society have sent out a black out card which has always been popular and I always baked a cake for the winner but as there was no card this year I raffled a Coffee and Walnut Cake.
Donation pot - raffle prize - gift aid form
all very important at a Cake Break event
I have to pace myself with the baking so made two cakes ahead of time and popped them in the freezer, and the others I made over the few days before.

I find if I bake two or three that's enough. I usually mix one and whilst it's baking mix the next - then have a rest while the first cooks. I mix the third when the second has gone in again having a rest until it's done - and a long rest whilst the third cooks.

The decorating is done on the day and I try to make it similar so I am not making lots of different things. This year I baked:
Victoria Sponge Cake
Ginger Cake
Chocolate Guinness Cake
Carrot Cake 
Coffee and Walnut Cake 

Cake Break Table 
Victoria Sponge Cake and Coffee & Walnut Cake
SGinger Cake
Chocolate Guinness Cake
Carrot Cake
The day itself was great fun, I had many friends call by throughout the day for a cuppa and a slice (or two) of cake. Some friends I haven'r seen for quite a while so it was nice to sit and chat, it was also lovely to see new friends who came to support my Cake Break, thank you.

As well as baking for the day from 1st March to end of April I have been taking orders for cakes charging £5 a cake. I have made 11 so far with 6 more to do - it will add a little more to the donations pot.

One of my ex-colleagues from school won the raffle prize - well done Jane.

I have not added all the money up as yet but it is looking as if it will be over £150 when I have finished baking, which is not bad for a few cakes.

Spring has certainly arrived in our garden, last autumn for the first time I planted some bulbs in containers. I was very worried about them as the squirrels seemed to be digging in the tubs either burying or looking for their nuts. However we do have flowers, in fact the garden is looking quite colourful.


And I have some beautiful flowers inside, from our lovely daughter for Mother's Day. She gave them me when we visited her in Cardiff for the weekend - you can read about our visit on my travel/wine blog Aimetu's 

My gorgeous lillies
And finally a little stitching, and it is little. It's last month's challenge on Needlecraft Haven; Christmas Joy Pinkeep by Pineberry Lane. It's for my church tree, perfect for Winter Wonderland.

March Challenge
Thank you for reading my news - it will soon be Easter, have a good time everyone x x ociety


Kerryp77 said...

Beautiful spring flowers in the pots. The pin keep is gorgeous and well done on the fundraising too.

Maggie said...

Well done with the cake sales Clare, they all look yummy :-)

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

What a great way to raise some money and see your friends too. The cakes look delicious!

Julie said...

What a great selection of cakes, yummy! Lots of cash raised too. The garden does look very springlike.

Message from DH..... he has asked can he request a guinness cake for me to pick up at the meet up please to add to your fund raising lol

Mary - Lecoeurceltique said...

Your garden looks so inviting as did your cakes. I like the way you had some of your cross stitch on display as well with the cakes. Pleased to read that your fundraising event was successful.

Christine said...

Well done Clare! Those cakes look deliciuos

Justine said...

Well done, what a fantastic total for your cake sale! I love the little cake ornaments you decorated the table with too.
Your garden is looking lovely.

Astrids dragon said...

They all look so delicious, I'd buy one... or two!

Your garden looks lovely, the flowers are beautiful.