Sunday 23 April 2017

Nuneaton Spring Meet Up

Yesterday was Meet Up Day for members of Needlecraft Haven, I had arranged for us to meet at our scout HQ but due to my accident I decided it best to meet here at our house. I could then keep resting my legs,

Before I post about our day I'd like to say a HUGE thank you to Angi, Gill, Julie, Justine and my Mum who all helped with various parts of the day:

taxi from and back to the station
tea/coffee making
exchange organising
cake cutting

Thank you too to my stepdad for the delicious carrot cake and of course to my Hubby who is as always amazing !

As I said I was resting my legs so stayed propped up on my bed, everyone sat around in our 'bedroom' conservatory - it was cost but such a great day full of laughter. 

Gill, Justine, my Mum, Angi and Julie - oh and my toes !!
I love the Goody Bag exchange - every time the bags are so different although based on a theme. Our Goody Bag theme this year was 'My Favourite Place'

Goody Bag exchange 
I had intended to do France for mine but after recent events my favourite place is certainly my home and garden. Mum was my shopper and helped me put together the gifts. Unfortunately Jardin Privé are away so the pdf chart I have order will be sent later. I put a voucher in the bag and once the chart is her I'll post it on to Justine who was the winner of my bag. 

Home and Garden - my Favourite Place
I was the lucky winner of Gill's bag - she had also picked home as her favourite place, My bag was full of lovely items: a mug with tea and coffee, notelets, framed saying, a book, wine, seeds and a beautiful stitched coaster - thank you Gill

My gorgeous good bag from Gill 
At all the Meet Ups we have a book exchange, everyone wraps up a book which can be new, charity shop, previously enjoyed, in fact from anywhere. The books are raffled making sure no-one ends up with the one they put in. 

Our book exchange
My book was from Justine - The Muse by Jesse Burton, who wrote the Miniaturist (which I have read and did enjoy) Since my fall I haven't done much stitching or reading, I cannot seem to focus but I have already started this book (5am this morning as I couldn't sleep) so fingers crossed my reading will return, I did do quite a bit of stitching yesterday too so that may be improving too.

My book from Justine 
 At each Meet Up we always organise a stitching exchange - an item to be stitched and posted to a secret partner. We each complete a notelet with details of our name, address, the item to be stitched, date for receiving and any relevant notes to help choose designs/colours. The notelets are put in envelopes and we each pick one making sure we don't have our own. We don't open the notelets until we are back home so it's a real secret as to who stitches for who until the items have been stitched, sent and opened. 

This time we are stitching a scissor fob, either to hold scissors or to hang from the handles, the only restriction is it must be in the colour written in the notelet by our partner - exciting!

Last meet up we had to stitch a needlecase - have a look at my Needlecase post to read about it and my tutorial post on how I made my needlecase for Gill.  

Everyone had brought their needlecase with them. It was lovely to see all the beautiful items in person, such lovely stitching and finishing. 

The front side of our beautiful needlecases
The reverse side of our beautiful needlecases
It's always a lovely day when we get together and yesterday was the perfect boost for me - thank you again to my Needlecraft Haven friends, and my Mum. 

I have been extremely spoilt since my fall, so many beautiful flowers and gifts includng these lovely ones from Angi, Gill, Justine and Julie yesterday - a surprise bouquet from Brittany Ferries - and another surprise from our scout group. 

Thank You Justine
Thank You Julie
Thank you Angi & Gill
Thank you Brittany Ferries
Thank you Nuneaton North Scout Group

Update on my legs: I have had the stitches out of my left leg and it's now in a solid cast for 4 more weeks. My right leg is still in a boot and as my foot mends I am increasing the amount of weight so by the time my left foot comes out of plaster into a boot I'll be able to walk on my right foot.

Thank you for all the kind messages - they are very much appreciated 


  1. The ladies all look very intent on their stitching :-)
    Glad the day went well, your goody bags given and received are lovely.

    Hope you continue to improve each day. x

  2. An excellent idea to have the meet up at your home. It turned out perfect. What lovely gifts you were given by your friends. The "home" exchange you did is lovely. I really like the home frame you gave Clare. Hang in there!!

  3. Looks like a fab meet up at always, I do hope you are pain free and a speedy recovery

  4. I'm so glad that you were able to host the meet-up even when laid-up! How lovely that you and Gillie both chose Home as your favourite places too.
    I keep meaning to read The Muse too, having enjoyed The Miniaturist. The other title that appeals is The Watchmaker of Filigree Street, I just fall for a beautiful cover every time!
    The needlebooks look wonderful all together too, everyone was very lucky to get one!

  5. I can't believe you managed to take a photo where no one is talking! That must have been the only quiet 5 minutes all day.
    Lovely to see you all again and thanks for hosting us in your beautiful home.

  6. I'm glad you are continuing to mend.
    The meet up looks like so much fun

  7. It's good that the meet up was able to go ahead. Though it would have been a tiring day for you, the company was a good pick-me-up.

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