Tuesday 31 May 2022

Temperature SAL and May Round Up

It's been a busy month with plans slightly changed due to the exciting news of our daughter's engagement. I have stitched more than last month but I could have stitched more time allowing. 

I haven't stitched many of my own letters but I have finished all I have including the lovely letters from Faith and Lynne. I'll be including them in June's Fully Finished Objects post. 

My Temperature SAL is growing, my summer band now has 8 flowers and you can see the warmer colours appearing. 

We are on holiday next month in Germany, I wonder how that will appear on the band. 

I have been working on my tablecloth, the hardanger edging is taking much longer than I thought. I'm hoping to take it away and at least get to complete it all round. 

My time this month has also been taken up sorting and cleaning my late Dad's scouting pennants. It was a tradition in the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s to collect a pennant from any camps, either for the event or the place. The pennants have been left in a bag for many years and as there are a few coronation ones I decided it was time to sort, wash and  mend them. 

I will be mending the coronation ones tomorrow and restringing them to hang over the weekend although I will not be leaving the out the front as they are too precious to me. The photos show how they were, them sorted and then hanging to dry on the line. 

I guess it has been a busy month but just not stitching wise, I wonder how much I will get done in June with all the Jubilee festivities and our holiday. 


  1. What a lovely keepsake all those pennants are, they do look great all hanging there on the washing line.
    Love your tablecloth. Have a lovely time in Germany :-)

  2. Lovely tablecloth and it's always nice to have keepsakes of your family.
    Have a wonderful time away , hugs June,

  3. Those pennants are fabulous, what a memento of his time with the Scouts. You should write the stories behind each one down somewhere.
    Congratulations to your daughter and her fiance too.
    Have a wonderful time in Germany.


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