Wednesday 10 August 2022

Fully Finished in August


Rachel, Ten Hour Stitcher, hosts Fully Finished Objects, a super chance for us to show and tell about the crafty items we have completely finished. Thanks Rachel, your FFO prompt each month really helps me finish my projects instead of them still in my project folders.

My first finish is very special but not really stitching. Our daughter is getting married next year, all plans working, and probably in Wales so I wanted a bit of her home to be part of the day. She had mentioned having dried rose petals as confetti so I have been saving roses and drying the petals. Our local friends have also been involved in the secret and we all wrote a message on some wooden hearts. 

Not long after Hubby and I met we won a hamper and although the basket has been used for many things it has been in the attic for many years. I bought a collection of jars to keep the petals in but the basket needed something ... so I made a lining using some silly from my stash and ribbon I also had. It's not something I have made before and I was a bit fuzzy headed due to having Covid but it turned out ok. So my first finish is my basket lining.

They were surprised and delighted when we gave them the basket this weekend when they were here for a few days. The roses will be loose in the basket at the wedding and I'm sure by then we'll have a few more petals dried. 

My first stitchy finish is my Halloween ornament for July's Topsy Turvy SAL. It's one of Durene Jones' designs and if I can I'd like to stitch the others in the series. 

I've had two more beautiful letters from Rachel, this time her initials. The pastel colours are lovely and will look super on the Alphabet Tree, thank you Rachel.

My friend Mary also sent two letters, a Q and a J. Two very different designs, the quilt on the Q is perfect and lovely cherries on the J, thank you Mary.

I have another item that is finished but as yet I have not given it so it must remain secret. Life has been up and down this last few weeks with us and our son having Covid. We are all ok but plans went a rye and not everything is back settled. 

It's very warm here in central UK again so we're trying to stay cool, this of course means staying indoors with needle in hand. 


  1. What a lovely idea for your daughter. The little heart notes are wonderful. I hope you and your family are feeling better by the time you read this. Lovely finishes this month!

  2. Lovely post Clare , love the basket and all the lovely stitching by all.
    Sorry you had Covid , it's still out there , we all still need to be careful .
    I just had my 4th jab back in June.

  3. The basket is a wonderful idea, very ecological too! Your little Durene Jones design is a very sweet ornament.
    Lovely gifted letters too.

  4. Oh dear, so sorry to hear you've had was passed around our family a month or so ago here too. Hopefully you all will be feeling better soon! The basket is such a lovely idea, I love treasured heirlooms passed along like that! Beautiful letters too, I can't wait to see your tree this winter! The Halloween ornament is adorable, I hope to see more when you have time to stitch them! Happy Stitching!


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