Monday 1 August 2022

July Temperature SAL and monthly round up

Yesterday was July 31st, I really don't know where this year has gone, time seems to pass by quicker and quicker but we're less busy ... very strange.

July saw the UK have our hottest temperature on record ... over 40°C ... so my Temperature SAL has some very bright yellows. The earlier ones were from our holiday in Germany when it reached the high 30s. It's interesting to see a very colder nights when the skies were clear. 

The photo is a bit blurred as I took it in electric light and it's hard to get it all in. I think you can see the colours.

My stitching this month has mainly been catching up on this SAL and stitching a very special gift which I hope to share soon. I did also stitch a Halloween piece for the Topsy Turvy SAL and used my sewing machine to make something for another special gift. 

I didn't stitch much in the heat and this week Hubby and I have been unwell as we caught Covid so all things considered I stitched quite a bit. We're both ok, it was like a heavy cold but quite tiring. Hopefully we'll test negative today or tomorrow. 


  1. I think you will always remember this summer when you get that particular cake band out to use!

  2. The temperature SAL is looking gorgeous with the summer colours appearing. Looks like they're going to continue for some time yet. :)


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