Saturday 10 February 2024

February's Fully Finished Objects

Rachel, Ten Hour Stitcher, is the super host of Fully Finished Objects. It's a great opportunity for us to show and tell about the crafty items we have completely finished. It does make me feel like I've achieved something when I see my finishes.

I loved stitchy this butterfly. I haven't stitched on wood before and with no chart it was a bit of a challenge working out what looked best. This will be featured in this month's Gifted Gorgeousness so I'll reveal its destination then.

I have finished another two Santas and changed the hanging thread to last month's Santas to gold. I'll be doing gold hangers for them all, the tree will have white lights, gold tinsel and a gold star on top.

My Santa collection is growing, I've stitched four on plastic canvas so far. I'm going to stitch a variety of Santas on plastic canvas or using perforated paper. 

There will be plenty of room for more Santas if you would like to stitch one, it would be amazing to have Santas from around the world. 

You can stitch on plastic canvas or perforated paper if you have any but if you'd prefer to stitch on fabric please use a design that is just Santa and is no more than 3" x 3" in size. 

If you send me your finished Santa on whatever you've used in a card it should be normal letter post. If sending from overseas please value your letter if asked for customs to £10 or equivalent. If a high value is put I may have to pay a custom charge, thanks.

I will add backing and hanging ribbon and make up any fabric ones. 

Let me know if you need anymore info, it would be so nice if you have time to stitch and send a Santa, it does make the tree special with ornaments from everyone, thank you.

This year I will be donating the Santas to charity, probably nearer the following Christmas and it will be to either a children's hospice, our local hospice or an old peoples' home. It seems a waste for the ornaments to sit in my attic in a tin so over the year I will be looking at where best they could be given


  1. Lots of lovely stitching , have a fun week hugs June.

  2. Thank you for you FFG SAL entries this month. The post is finally up, so please don't forget to go back and link-up.
    I've never stitched on wood either but the coverage of your very pretty butterfly looks really good.

  3. What's it like to stitch on the wood piece? I have a few in may stash I received as a gift and don't know what to do with them. Yours turned out very pretty!

  4. Thanks Suzanne, it was quite easy but needed more strands of floss, I used 3. I backed it with felt.

  5. Lovely finishing and a great idea to donate them all after the festival too.

  6. Hi Aimetu. There may already be one in Japan, but I have never seen a plastic mesh for stitching. It's very carefully stitched. The wooden mesh pieces give you a sense of warmth.


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