Thursday 1 February 2024

February Plans

This month I hope to: 

  • finish three gifts
  • work on my tablecloth 
  • stitch on my biscornu 
  • stitch two Santa ornaments
  • stitch one of the Needlecraft Haven Seasonal Challenges

Fingers crossed I can complete them all, there is an extra day in February this year too. 

I also have three very special cakes to bake and decorate too.

I have no photos to share but here's something to make you smile. I have a 'sheep hat' that I wear when Wales play rugby, well I don't wear it, it sits on my lap. This is me in my sheep hat at the Principality Stadium a few years ago.

Anyway it's had a wash ready for the start of the Six Nations competition that starts tomorrow. Hopefully it will dry although I might need to use the hairdryer.

Happy stitching in February, I'm looking forward to joining in Jo's Secret Stitching Sweetheart Blog Hop.


  1. Oh my Clare that hat is a hoot you look adorable in it.
    I hope you meet your goal this month.


  2. I do like how you're wearing the sheep hat for Wales but also an England scarf! Guess that was an England V Wales match and you were supporting both sides?!

  3. It was a game at the Principality Stadium in Cardiff quite a few years ago. Our daughter lives there and is married to a Welsh chap so we do show support to both sides.


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