Tuesday, 24 March 2009

I got a sticker :)

Yippee Yippee I have lost my first half a stone (7 pounds) at Slimming World - in just three weeks. I only lost half a pound this week but that was all I needed to get to my first half a stone. I'm finding it ok, not missing anything yet and I don't really feel as if I am on a diet. For reaching this goal I got a lovely star stitcker to go on my book, only a little thing but it does feel good even at my age to get a "star" sticker LOL.

We are going to a 40th birthday party in a couple of weeks, black tie do so I needed a new dress. I hate clothes shopping as I always feel fat and frumpy BUT last night I found a perfect dress in Debenhams. It fits perfectly, no lumps anywhere, well apart from a very nice cleavage LOL. I am so pleased because I was getting a little worried about finding something and nothing in my wardrobe fits. I'm not bothered now if I don't loose any weight for the next two weeks because the dress fits perfect as I am, I will be good though.

I have stitched another two ornaments for Miss-tree, shoes and a handbag this time, as part of JA Monthly Stitch-a-long. I think next month I will do some hats for a change.

I have been stitching but the items are secret for a few more days, sorry. I'm stitching a book mark as one of the gifts for my friend who's 40, hopefully I can share that tomorrow as it's nearly finished. I did make this welcome card for a friend and her partner who have just bought their first house.
and this was the card I made my mum for Mother's Day :)

I haven't done any work on my Perennial Garden tonight for JA UFO Night, but I might take it to bed and do half an hour. If not I will work on it tomorrow, I'm not sure which flowers are next.

I hope everyone had a lovely Mother's Day, happy stitching.


  1. Congrats on the weight loss Clare, and on the star sticker. LOL. Love the little Miss-tree ornies, the tree is gonna look great come C'mas.

  2. Congratulations on reaching your first target and getting a star.

  3. Well done you...I can't seem to get into it, I need some diet motivation injection.
    Lovely ornies and cards too

  4. Having worked in schools I can safely say "Never underestimate the power of the sticker" ;D
    Congratulations on your weightloss.
    Couple of great ornies for your miss-tree too

  5. Well done on your 1/2 stone award. I am going to start back next week after my weekend away. If you like we can do recipe swaps. I have loads! xx

  6. Congratulations on losing so much weight.
    I love your ornies and the cards you made.

  7. YAY well done on getting the sticker.

    I hope we can see pics of you in the new outfit on the night!

    Love the welcome card, that is so cool.

    Nice ornies, i need inspiration for some, i feel an evening of chart finding coming on LOL

  8. Hazel - that would be fab - I haven't tried any recipes yet but am being tempted by the cakes LOL

    Julie - I might have some charts in old magazines - I'll look them out for you

  9. Hi Clare

    Congrats on the weight loss I have lost since returning from Oz with SW too... the recipes in the mags are fab and well worth doing.

    And well done too on the Miss -tree ornies!

    Chris x

  10. Well done Clare, so happy for you. :0)
    Lovely ornies - the tree is going to look gorgeous. Great cards too. :0)


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