Sunday 29 March 2009

Stitching & Rugby

Over the weekend I finished a bookmark I have made for a colleague at school who is 40 next weekend. Her party is next weekend, it's the one I bought my new dress for. She loves reading (being an English teacher) so I thought a bookmark would be a good gift. It is a free chart from The Victoria Sampler

Design: Friends Count Sampler by Thea Dueck
Fabric: 28 ct evenweave in ecru
Thread: DMC #12 & #8 Perle Cotton ecru, DMC Floss 223, 224, 712, 926 & 3042

I missed the JA UFO Night last week and I am not sure I will be able to stitch this Tuesday either, so I have had a unofficial UFO day and stitched two panels on my perennial garden. The anemones were easy to do but I found the french knots fiddly on the lupins, they are very effective though.

Yesterday was the EDF semi-finals at the Ricoh Stadium in Coventry, and DH had bought us tickets for both matches. We had a great day of rugby watching, our seats were on the first row which had great close up views of the players including Gavin Henson. We did play "duck" a few times as we seemed to be sitting in just the right seats for the drop kick through balls LOL. The first game was Ospreys v Gloucester Rugby and the second game was Cardiff Blues v Northampton Saints. The second match was the better game and the final will be Gloucester v Cardiff but we won't be going to see that one. They certainly are fit, it was amazing watching their warm up routines, I was speachless watching the positions they got into to stretch their muscles... ;)

It was a glorious sunny day today and I spent the morning clearing up the back garden. Everything is coming up including all the little bits of seed spread by the birds. It looks quite tidy now and I have noticed many buds so there should be many more flowers soon.

I am hoping to get another ornament stitched for Miss-tree this week, in between scouting meetings, parents night and slimming club LOL

Enjoy the spring flowers :)


  1. Sounds like a wonderful weekend.
    The bookmark you have stitched for your friend is very pretty

  2. A busy weekend for you Clare, Mr Stick is well pleased with your progress, you get full marks for this week too!

    Love the bookmark, i have stitched this a few times too.

  3. This bookmark is certainly a great little gift for an avid reader.
    I love all your progress pictures of Perennial Garden. All those flowers are just wonderful and you are right, the French knots look so great on the lupines.

  4. The bookmark is beautiful Clare. Lovely progress on Perennial Garden.

  5. I love this bookmark - I've downloaded the attern for future use. The weekend sounds interesting . I used to watch rugby in Bath but haven't been for a while as DH isn't that interested.
    I received a wonderful little package this morning . Wonder who it was from ? HHHHmmmmmmm ?!!!!!!
    I love it and there will be a picture and description on my blog when I get my finger out !!!
    Thanks Clare

  6. Watching young fit fellas in tight shorts - I could become a rugby fan for that alone. ;0) LMAO
    Love watching the flowers grow on your WIP & the bookmark is very pretty - that's one lucky friend. :0)


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