Wednesday 4 March 2009

News Update

I can't believe it's nearly a week since I posted - time has certainly flown by, mainly with sorting out DS and his new job. Thank you so much for all the kind wishes, he is really pleased. He has just two days left at college but tomorrow they are off to Crufts so just Friday to do. He will have some work to do and post into college but we'll be on his back to do that LOL.

DD had her dance show at Bedworth Civic Hall on Monday - it was really good, she was in a great dance called "Pirates". I had taken DD and her cousin to Leicester during half term shopping for their outfits and they looked really good under the lights.

I have been busy at school, and it looks like I will be for a while as I have quite a few training courses coming up, either for me to go on or for me to take students on. Still it's better to be busy than not.

Last night I joined Slimming World as I have to loose some of this weight. I have been to Weight Watchers quite a few times over the last 20 years but every time I put it back on and by now I know all the tricks and how to cheat LOL... So I decided to try a new one and really enjoyed last night. I have found today ok, in fact I couldn't eat all my fruit salad this evening and I've had a vodka and tonic all within my Syns. Hopefully I will be ok with this one and will see some results. We are going to a 40th birthday in early April and I'd like to be either able to get into my skirts or feel good enough to go and buy a new dress - fingers crossed.

Stitching wise I have been making a few secrets so can't share but I have also been working on my Lavender piece (Sally may recognise it- but I needed another one) Now I've taken the photo I can see I've missed a bit on one edge - good tool these cameras, it's a bit like proof reading.

I have been making lots of cards, and sorting out my stash boxes, something that always takes a while. I am getting ready for the Nuneaton Meet Up on 14th March, I have quite a few things ready but need to sort out my £5.00 goody bag. I do enjoy these days- there are so many talented people around and it's nice to see everyone's work, and have a good chat of course.

Thanks for reading my news, hopefully soon there will be some more stitching to share.


  1. I like the lavender piece Did you design it ?
    My daughter goes to dance club once a week at school , they're learning Salsa this term. I found I lost better on SW when I did red days - green didn't seem to suit me , it just made me feel bloated. didn't manage to lose at all on WW.

  2. Glad all is going well with DS & DD. Good Luck with the courses & WW too. :0)
    Love the lavender piece - very pretty. :0)

  3. I don't do carbs too good soI think red will suit me although for this week I'm going to do alternate.

    and yes it is my design

  4. Love your lavender design Clare, how will it be finished? I think I see needleroll potential???

  5. Your lavender piece is beautiful, didn't know you were in the sorting mood as well - it must be Spring!

  6. Lavendar looks great.
    Good Luck with the WW, hope the courses go well for you.

  7. Lovely lavendar piece...pretty colours. Good luck with SW, I have always found their diets give you plenty to eat...I will be joining myself in the next few weeks.

  8. I do recognise the lavender piece! I love my needleroll and will treasure it always.

    Good luck with SW.


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