Wednesday 18 March 2009


It was my second weigh in at Slimming World last night and I lost another 2.5 pounds :) I am so pleased especially as I was so good over the weekend with everyone here. I really stuck to it. I just need to lose 1/2 a pound next week to reach my first 1/2 stone:)

Stitching wise I managed to do the next flower on my perennial garden last night as part of JA UFO night. I realised that I am turning the fabric as I stitch so the crosses down the side lie in a different direction to the ones on top LOL It means that top and bottom will match and left and right sides will match - I looked at it from a distance as if it was framed on the wall and I'm sure it will look ok - it is not filled in stitching so will not be as noticeable - I'm certainly not froggin' or changing now.

The weather has turned so nice and the spring flowers are looking beautiful. I just popped outside and took a few piccies before posting - enjoy:)

Enjoy the sunshine - have fun.


  1. Lovely work as always.
    Well done you on the weight loss and pat on the back for sticking to it over the weekend despite the temptations

  2. Well done Clare!
    PG is growing nicely. The real garden is looking beautiful too. :0)

  3. Congratulations on your weight loss hun, keep it up
    I have gained 3lbs since 3 wks ago, so I need to get on with my exercises and loose the weight the walking is helping I will find out tomorrow.

    Love the flowers they are all gorgeous.

    Hugs xxxxxx

  4. Lovley flowers, it does lift the mood to see some colour in the garden.
    Congrats on the weight loss.
    Nice progress on the PG too.

  5. Lovely flowers, both stitched and real

  6. Your perennial garden is growing - and your real garden, too. You've got very nice flowers.
    Congratulations on your weight loss.


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