Sunday 9 January 2011

Lots of news - and a winner

I didn't know if I had anything to blog about but then today went crazy LOL

Firstly I went to The Fabric Guild in Leicester with Mum, it's mainly for quilters but they do have a few bits for other crafts. They buy up stock from closing shops and sell it on at VERY good prices. This is what I got today:

Craft items including a pompom maker
All my fabric, mainly fat quarters for
backing ornaments
Card making stuff

And I bought these crochet hooks and
small booklet - maybe I'll do it one day LOL

All of this and a liitle more came to under £30 and I got this as a freebie :)

And I had this freebie too
I have had a wonderful discovery - I know you'll laugh because I'm thinking it's something you all know about. I discovered Bondaweb for making ornaments - I usually use fabric glue or double sided tape but it's not always successful. I now know Mum uses Bondaweb for her applique work (I wondered how she did it)

Anyway I have stitched two of the Drawn Thread free Santas that Rachel (the student who followed me) stitched. I did it missing a square as she did and they look fab - I have just used my Bondaweb to attach them to felt and they look lovely - I am so pleased and feel so thick that I didn't know about it before .

My Bondaweb Santas
Last March I did a competition to guess how many non-stitching days I'd have. I didn't do much stitching at all (far more than the guesses) and I didn't really keep an accurate count. So I have put all the names on bits of paper and drawn a winner. The winner is Elaine - congratulations. I have emailed you for your postal address so I can send you this prize.

Elaine's Prize
Ruby has gone the kennels for a week as we're having the bathroom done and the noise in the day would drive her cerazy. It's very quiet without her - not nice - but I'm sure I'll get so much more done in the evenings. I will have a bit more time to work on Needlecraft Haven which is growing strong with 61 members already.

I have posted my RR to Dusty - there's only four if us in the 2011 Round Robin now and I decided to do coasters for the caravan. I'm looking forward to working on the other pieces. I also posted off a little something to Jaclyn who won the Christmas Quiz on NH - well done Jaclyn.

Thanks for reading my blog, happy stitching.


Lindsay said...

Nice stash haul you have there and Congratulations to Elaine

Jules said...

Congrats to Elaine and to you as well! What a great discovery and stash. I will have to look into Bondaweb as I have never heard of it (and I may be the only one, lol).

Sue said...

Nice stash you got. I've never heard of Bondaweb either but I don't do my own finishing but after seeing your adorable Santa ornaments I may try my hand at some finishing.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Those santas look great!

Jane said...

We all get lightbulb moments like that. There will be no stopping you know, especially with all those goodies

Christine said...

A very successful shopping trip!
I use bondaweb all the time in sewing but it never occurred to me to use it for finishing ornaments before, those Santas have come out wonderfully.

SheilasEmbroidery said...

Sounds like a good shopping spree. Good luck on your bathroom looking forward to seeing the finished result.

Julie said...

Congrats to Elaine

Nice haul of goodies, the santas look wonderful

Hope your bathroom renovation goes smoothly