Sunday 23 January 2011

RR border completed, new bathroom and Ruby !

I have finally finished my RR border - it's for a Round Robin I'm in with Tina, Julie and Hazel on Needlecraft Haven. I used Lizzie Kate designs and have re-plotted them. The finished RR will be a cushion for my little C1 - so it has to be pink of course :) You can see the design on my post Jan 4, and this is my border (I just have my 'a' to do, I'm waiting for postie as I ran out of thread)

Fabric - 32ct evenweave in white
Thread - DMC 335 & 309
I haven't started stitching as with only four people it would mean the last person has no choice - I'll do the last piece when it arrives home.

Needlecraft Haven is growing strong -I cannot believe there are over 70 members in just three weeks and over 45 of them are regular visitors. There is so much going on - 2 RRs, 5 SALs, 2 monthly activites and a MEET UP in March. There is also a new exchange just launched - it's allvery exciting and certainly keeps me on my toes LOL

The last two weeks at home have been busy as we've had the bathroom upstairs replaced. It was the original one and we've been here 25 years this summer. It's just perfect :)

The only problem was when DH did the painting yesterday and today.

I was only trying to help Dad - honest
That's about all my news - my health is slowing improving (not helped by a slip on the ice at school on Thursday - but no damage). I even managed to walk Ruby yesterday; first time since mid November.

Thanks for popping by, happy stitching.


  1. Our cats tend to walk through paint too. You'll feel spoilt with such a lovely bathroom
    Have a good week

  2. Lovely picture of Ruby. I love your new bathroom. Look forward to seeing your RR progress.

  3. Your bath is looking incredible! I love the color combination.

  4. Your new bathroom looks great, LOL at the pic of Ruby with the paint on her!
    Nice start on the RR

  5. Typical, we had that problem when we had cats - no furballs to snuggle up to at the moment. Good start on the RR.

  6. RR piece looks great as does the bathroom. Awww bless Ruby LOL

  7. Lovely new bathroom Clare. We've never changed ours either and we've been here 23 years. One day!

    Awww poor Ruby lol.

    Your RR looks good. Can't wait to see more of it as it does the rounds :)

  8. That RR is going to be wonderful!!!

  9. Lovely to have a new bathroom and lucky Ruby to find the paint LOL
    Glad you're alright after your slip over.
    Happy Stitching Chris x

  10. Finally catching up on blog reading. Love your new bathroom.... ours is being done at the end of April. Not looking forward to the mess but am looking forward to having a separate shower at long last! LOL @ Ruby. :0)


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