Tuesday 4 January 2011

TUSAL - Jan 4

It's the first photo for Daffycat's TUSAL - my jar is a bonbon jar my MIL bought me in a charity shop in Wales - I love it. I used it last year but didn't do much stitching so it was only half full. This is my 2011 start - please don't laugh - ok go on then it is funny.

and just so you can see what I'm hoping it will look like; these are the orts from last year.

Completed jar 2010
I have chosen my RR piece for the Needlecraft Haven; I need a set of coasters for the caravan so I've plotted it out as one and will cut them out when the Robin comes home. I'm hoping it will still go ahead but Lynn is poorly in hospital and has had to pull out. Get well soon Lynn.

My RR fabric and working copies of the charts
 - all from The World of Cross Stitching
I have been overwhlemed by the number of friends joining Needlecraft Haven; I decided to take the big step of owning my own board. The biggest worry was whether anyone would visit and more importantly decide to stay. It's easy to tell people about a new venture; it's harder to make it exciting and new.  Thank you to everyone who has supported me in this venture - I'm hoping it will be a 'haven' for a very long time.

Today was my first day back at work since being ill - I am very tired but it was good to get back to school. It was teacher training day so a good way to start - tomorrow the kids are back.

Dh and I have booked a gite in the Loire Valley for our summer hols. It will be the first year without the children although DD and her BF are travelling down with us and staying for a few days before travelling onto spend the rest of the holidays with BF's family who are staying in a caravan on the Atlantic Coast. They are travelling back with us so we'll meet up again.

Stitching wise I have quite a bit ot do - tonight I'm hoping to work on the monthly challenge piece. It's a cat design - reveal day is Sunday 30th Jan so I can show you then. I also have a few secret things to do and the JTHC 2011 RR to stitch the borders on - hopefully 2011 has more hours than 2010 as I have lots to do - hee hee
My JTHC 2011 RR - I put together some Lizzie Kate designs usind my pc chart program
- I managed to copy and paste individual letters to make our names in LK style.

That's all my news for now - thanks for popping by :)


  1. I LOVE your RR L*K piece. I did think about joining but haven't done one of these before and wouldn't know where to start. I look forward to seeing this stitched up. Love your ORT jar - you should see mine lol.

  2. Lots for you to look forward too in 2011, a hol in your beloved France too, how exciting.

    I'm so looking forward to doing my first RR and can't wait to stitch on the L*K, even more exciting (or should that be nerve-racking) i get to the the first square, better crack on and plot mine hadn't i LOL

  3. I love the LK RR. Can't wait to see it stitched!

  4. Your Lizzie*Kate RR looks fabulous - stitched it'll be even better.

    Your ORT jar is very pretty. Mine isn't nearly as pretty, but it'll do the job, I guess!

  5. Love the design for your RR Clare you are just so clever.
    Hope todays school is not too tiring with everyone back.

  6. The LK RR design looks great, very clever the way you've charted your names out.

  7. A perfect ORT jar! And a great start on it too!

    Love~love~love that L*K RR! Great job charting those names...they match perfectly!

  8. It sounds as though you are going to have some lovely stitching on the go this year Clare.


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