Tuesday 29 May 2012


Last night was Nuneaton North Scout Group's AGM. This is the group my Dad was Group Scout Leader with for over 45 years (he did over 60 years in Scouting overall). I was also a member of the group, being Secretary, Beaver Scout Leader and for a short while Group Scout Leader before leaving to hold a District role.

In honour of Dad the group have a new trophy - The Ron Mellor Challenge Trophy - which will be awarded at Family Camp each year. Dad would be so proud, especially as it's a challenge for everyone involved in the Group.

I have not been involved in Scouting for the last three years - mainly a time issue. I had done 25 years in various roles. I am now back in Scouting, in my original role as Nuneaton North Group Secretary - and it feels just perfect :)

The weather has been glorious here - I haven't sat out much because it's been so hot but Ruby has enjoyed it.

We had a bird visit that I don't recognise - I think it's a baby which makes it trickier. Is it a thrush or I wondered at a baby cuckoo? 

No stitching this time because it's all exchanges or secret gifts :)

Finally back to Dad - he had a collection of mugs - we're not sure how or why it started, even Dad wasn't too sure but there are over 200 of them on display. This is just one set - I've no idea what we'll do with them all.

Have a super Jubilee Weekend - we're off to London to see the pageant, along with thousands of others so we may not get to the Thames. We're then going to a Jubilee Party on Tuesday - lots of photos next time, thanks for popping by this time :)

Saturday 12 May 2012

I've been stitching .......

......and stitching...... and stitching :) I have finally finished Tina's piece for the Needlecraft Haven Round Robin. I have stitched on this before as it's a 12 piece RR - Heritage Stitchcraft 'Calendar Cats'.  They are gorgeous but a little complicated with an enormous amount of fractional whole stitches (yes really). Last time I stitched February as it was that time of year - this time I have stitched August, I know it's May so why???? well because of Dad. Photos first, then the story:

Calendar Cat
Dad on Narbonne Plage
South of France 2002
We stayed for two weeks in the South of France in 2002 and the middle weekend was Father's Day so I took Dad, Nick, Michael and Philippa out for a meal. Afterwards we took the kids to the beach and I had a bottle of bubbly for Dad and Nick to share. We were there a while and it was hot and Dad had no hat - - being an English gentleman everything was fixed with his knotted handkerchief !!! We did laugh but laughed even more when it came to going home  - - Dad's chair had sunk right into the sand and we had to pull him up - hilarious !! 

So the August cat was the obvious choice for me ....... and Dad !!

I had a surprise parcel this week from Barb - she sent me this gorgeous ornament. Thank you Barb - it's beautiful, you're so thoughtful.

My other photos are from the garden - do you remember my pots in the snow - they looked like souffles
Winter 2012
Well look at them now - and my two pots of seeds (wildflowers) are shooting.

May 2012
I had to take a photo of these too - such angelic faces and gorgeous colour.

And finally whilst I was in the garden Ruby decided to join me - I don't think she quite understand that the fish can't play !!!

Hopefully in my next blog my seeds will have big enough shoots to see - thanks for reading my news :)

Friday 4 May 2012

Flowers and a friend

The flowers the florist did for Dad were beautiful, and a friend joined us at the churchyard yesterday.

Miss you Dad - God bless