Sunday 19 May 2013

The Drawn Thread - May

I'm a little late this month but I have today finished my May piece from The Drawn Thread. I am actually finding the finishing a little easier but I still think they could be a bit neater.

They do look nice on our mantle which this month has a simple theme as it should be spring but there is nothing happening. I have my Partylite ceramic birdhouse a two candle holders - next month will have much more :)

I have completed two more pieces fro gifts but they are not finished yet so a photo will follow. I do have lots of stitching planned but it's all gifts so I can't really share much which makes my blog quite empty - I think my summer blogs will be overflowing with photos.

Thanks for calling by :)

Sunday 12 May 2013

Finishing frenzie

I have quite a few gift pieces to make through out this year - I'm not saying anymore (although some people know - they are surprises) but I have been stitching little bits making quite a pile. Anyway today I have had a finishing frenzy and completed some of the gifts.


I am so pleased how they have turned out - a few more to finish and other special items to stitch this year - 2013 is certainly busy.
I have nearly finished The Drawn Thread May so I should be able to share that later this week. Thank you to everyone who pops by to see my work.

Sunday 5 May 2013

Sunny Sunday

I'm sitting in the garden to write my blog today - it is glorious.

Yesterday we did a lot of work at Dad's. I cleaned the bathroom after the decorator and then rubbed down all the paintwork and sugar soaped it. I also rubbed down the paintwork in Dad's bedroom and sugar soaped that too. DH stripped out the kitchen !! We were both very achy last night and I think (know) I did too much :(
Today we popped to Dobbies garden centre and I bought two new hanging baskets, a large bowl planter filled with plants, two reduced mini bowls of plants and 6 herbs to plant in my herb pot. We have their membership card (thanks to Tesco vouchers) and every month have vouchers for a free coffee so we popped to the coffee shop - I was naughty as I succumbed to a cream doughnut, I haven't had one in over a year!!   

Here's my garden with the new bowl planters at the front - we've just got Dad's water feature out ready for the summer so my little garden is looking good. The pixie clematis is very late this year but it's green flowers are just about to burst open.

New planters

My orts jar for this year is growing well -probably because I am midst gift stitching and doing the monthly Drawn Thread pieces. Anyway here's my jar for April 30th

April 30th
Following the meet up last weekend I decided to buy a frame like Julie's - I have been meaning to for a while and finally got round to it. It's a R & R Craft lap frame from Sew and So and I love it - so did the girls in my stitch club at school when I showed them on Thursday. Here it is in action with my start on May - Drawn Thread (just two nights work as I can now stitch two handed )

May Drawn Thread on my new frame
That's about it for now - have a fabulous Bank Holiday, the sun looks like being around for much of it so enjoy !!