Sunday 15 January 2012

RRs away :)

My two Round Robins are ready to send :) I am in the Needlecraft Haven 2012 Round Robin and 2012 Mini Round Robin.

For the 2012 Round Robin I have chose the 'Angels blessings' design from Cross Stitch Gold. I have changed the bottom border slightly and have stitched partof the border all round for everyone to use as markers.
2012 Round Robin with Julie, Tina, Dusty, Lynn and Jaclyn
My 2012 Mini Round Robin is a cyberstitches freebie 'Life is uncertain ... eat dessert first!'

2012 Mini Round Robin with Dusty and Jaclyn
We had a lovely meal at MIL's today and tonight have enjoyed Busy Bee Candles Lavender Pillow melting in my burner and a Nespresso Roma in my new coffee glass.

Now I can start stitching on some baby gifts :) Thank you for popping by .

Monday 2 January 2012


We've had a fabulous time - many memories to treasure and a few photos too :) here are my favourite

We have had an amazing few days away :)

On the home front - my Dad has been in hospital again, since Christmas Evening but is better so hopefully will be home tomorrow.

Ruby had a bump in the garden on Christmas Night (whilst we were at hosp with Dad) and had to see the emergency vet Boxing Day - she has hurt her back leg/hip. She rested at the kennels but is still not walking on it and seems in pain getting up and down so it's the vets again tomorrow :(

Wishing everyone a very happy 2012 x x x